I had a reading with Tina for the first time today and was extremely pleased. She immediately honed right in and touched on several issues without requesting much information. Tina is very insightful, knowledgeable and accurate while helping you to understand the bigger picture of what is going on in your situation. I was very impressed with her enlightenment and ability to broadly clarify the situation. After speaking with Tina, I felt encouraged and empowered and can now understand my situation from a new vantage point. I will certainly be in touch with her again. Thank you Tina. Ms. L., New York
I Love the insight and embrace the knowledge/ power you bestow. Thanks, Tina I look forward to speaking with you again.
Tina, I have always been into the astrology thing ever since I was young( I just love my sign that much (shout out to all the SCORPIO’S). Well my King told me about you and your Monthly readings on youtube last year. And ever since Your the only person i Look forward to for monthly readings. So Acurate. Keep doing what you do girl. stay Blessed Peace& Love my sister B.K.A YOUTube”)
I have to say first of all Tina you are wonderful. You are very accurate and after only a month of speaking with you, two of your predictions have already come to surface. I was truly blown away. In comparison to other youtube readings yours has been the best “straight to the point”. May God continue to bless you with this amazing gift you have and the power to inspire people for a hopeful future.
Thank you, Yoyo
Your insight and predictions really so accurate & very close!
I have heard a lot of astrologist predictions! But you are completely different!
You know what’s going on! present accurate events!
Not a general ideas and horoscope like others…
You are excellent! and I’ am always focusing on your monthly reading.
I wish and I hope the good things happen…
Thanks.. I appreciate your insights.
Rick C.
I was initally very skeptical about Tarot card reading but had to rescind my doubts after several predicted experiences, last year and this year, panned out. Humbly, I ate my doubts sans a special sauce.
I just love Tarotscope by Tina! She has been so on point with her readings for me. One time she told me i was gonna get some unexpected money and 5 minutes later I got a call from an old business associate that needed my help and was willing to pay me $250,000 to manage a project for him. Now that is the power of Tarotscope by Tina!
“has an amazing gift. As a skeptic of so many things, I have to bow to the “in your face”, undeniable accuracy of my own personal reading. i was literally almost in tears not just from the responses i asked for but from the questions I didn’t ask that were also answered. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a third eye perspective.”
Boy were you right on with inquiring about any litigation issues. Last Friday while riding my bicycle to work, a 17 y.o. kid blew a stop sign on the way to school and drilled me. Hopefully all works out. You truly have a special gift. I’ll refer for sure. 🙂
It’s just like what you told me. I wrote it all down and the universe just stepped right in.
Thanks for all your insight, its really helped. I could not have made this move without your consult seriously.
Ms. Hill,
Pittsburgh, PA
Hello Tina!
I remember writing you about my concerns about moving to a different place a couple of months ago. well, I did it and thanks to your guidance, I am quite happy with my decision. I am now living and working in bali, indonesia.
Thanks again! more power to you!
I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the reading you gave to me. It was a truly awesome reading and was very helpful. You have a great talent and use it very well. I appreciate your time and your energy and look forward to having a more detailed reading with you.
D. Paterson
Youtube Channel Subscriber
Thank you for the excellent reading. I greatly appreciate it; it was very helpful and encouraging. I truly believe you have a gift. I will definitely keep you posted on how things are going for me. And I look forward to getting another reading from you in the near future.
Thank you so much, you’re videos are so good!
Los Angeles,CA

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