Tina’s Dream Interpretations

March 2015

Hello Tina,
I had another dream that scare me I had a dream that i was standing there looking at one big animal and don’t know what he look like he was just big the second one was a pander they were in dirty water at the zoo.
Hi, D.Y.
First off, you REALLY need to get a grip on your emotions and fears in your waking life. You have WAY to much FEAR!!!!! You will have to let that go and have faith.

The a shadow animal you saw signified false fear. there is nothing to be afraid of. The panda represents child like fears and the dirty water means your emotions are to heavy and negative.


Hi Tina,
I am a you-tube subscriber, love your page. I had a dream and wanted to know if you could give me some feedback...
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February 2015

Good Afternoon, Tina.

I would like to share two distinct snap shots of dreams I’ve had recently.

Usually, I forget my dreams but there are set visuals that still weigh on my mind.


I had a a goldfish in a tank that I was carrying around. The fish was small and gray and only stayed in the middle of the bowl. Suddenly there were small specs in the bowl. Initially, I didn’t think anything of it. Then these specs keep growing. I headed toward the kitchen, but it felt like I was going in slow motion. The spec grew into parasites and they latched onto the fish in every direction. The fish was still just sitting there barely alive as the parasites keep growing...

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Dream Interpretations January 2015

Below are Excerpts of Dream Submissions and my responses. If you would like to submit a dream for interpretation, email: Tarotscopebytina@gmail.com.

L’s Dream:

Last night I dreamed of dogs.  I was walking in my friends neighborhood. I’m in California .  Always wanted to live there.    I was approached by a big white sheep dog.  He was friendly.  I tried to bring him to his owner but he led me to an area where he said he like to be,  it was a patch of dirt and a little black dog was his friend . They both hanged out there.  Woke up.
Second episode.  I was back in New York .  My old neighborhood.  Walking at night.  A brown cocker spaniel was underfoot.  His tooth got stuck in my ring.  Had a hard time releasing him.   When I did two keys were in my hand.   Woke up.   Third episode...

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