PYN Monthly Forecasts

PYN December 2015

Happy End Of The Year!!!!

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PY1 – 10 of Cups + 7 of Swords, 3 of Wands + Chariot + 2 of Cups – This is a 4 personal month.┬áMuch of it will be high pressured with lots to get done in a short period of time. December opens with your mind on relationships, both platonic and romantic. Keep an optimistic, fresh outlook despite what your current relationship status is. Sometimes, people kill their chances of a meaningful relationship because of negative thoughts and baggage. This month may show you a way to get the relationship you want. Later in December, you will have to work out a plan or negotiate with a large company...

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PYN November 2015 Forecasts

*There Will Be A New Moon On November 11th (11/11). It’s a great time to set new personal goals and intentions!!!


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PYN 1 – Page of Wands (9 of Pentacles, Magician) + Lovers, Empress – This is a 3 personal month for you. 3 carries great creative energy and also represents manifestation which you will see a lot of this month. News about finances come early in the month. Money you most likely weren’t expecting is on the way. This is a huge relief, although, you should have seen an uptick in your cash flow late last month. For those that are single, a love interest or two may pop up out of the blue...

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PYN October 2015 Monthly Forecasts

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PY1 – October is your Personal Month 2. Some of the energy from September will carry over. Making the start of October slow for the first week or so but then it gets busy and exciting around the second week. Money flow, job search and business will be good. After that, time will seem to come to a standstill for several days. Mercury going direct on 10/9 will be most helpful with getting errands done and taking care of personal business...

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