November 30, 2015

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*No Personal Year Number Forecasts This Week!





Aries – You start December off with good feelings and good vibes. Money flow picks up around Thursday! You may be able to pay off a bill or two.

Taurus – You spend much of the week analyzing and moving past heavy emotion. You are creative and will find new ways of making money.

Gemini – This week has a many twists and turns. However, you may find yourself reacting slowly to what is happening. No need to make a dramatic move. By the end of the week, you will be able to walk from it all.

Cancer – Communicating effectively with others, especially older women, is key to making this week go smoothly. A small amount of money is on the way.

Leo – Emotions are running high and conflict seems inevitable. Luckily, you get most of the commotion out of the way early so you can have an enjoyable rest of the week.

Virgo – November may have been a trying month. You bring in December on a better note. If you are not feeling well, follow your intuition on what to do to feel better. The job may have you down. A spot of good news will arrive soon to lift your spirits.

Libra – If you are a young Libra, assistance from your parents could help make a plan come to fruition. If you are an adult Libra, you could get approved for a loan or receive encouraging news from a major company.

Scorpio – Revenue, profit, personal finances improve. Watch your thinking. No need to react to matters right away!

Sagittarius – You may have been somewhat of a hermit over the weekend. This week, however, you will be full speed ahead. This is your birthday month and your energy is high.

Capricorn – Any tension at home or at work will be drowned out by the great week coming up for you. Positive developments concerning personal projects start to unfold mid-week.

AquariusStability is the word for the week ahead. Home security comes into focus. Children also play a big role in the coming days. Finances look solid.

Pisces – A pleasant week will be had by you. Romance may come under the radar. A woman 35-40  y.o. should be able to help you finish up a project or report.


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