November 23, 2015

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*No Personal Year Number Forecasts This Week!


Virgo Astro Tee’s

Leo Astro Tee’s

Libra Astro Tee’s

Aries – Knight of Pentacles, 6 of Pentacles – Money is at the forefront over the next few days. You are being guided towards a better financial set-up. Cash will be available should an impromptu trip come up.

Taurus – Knight of Cups, 10 of Cups – If you are in a budding relationship, this week will offer the chance to take it to the next level. For some of you, the justice of the peace may be calling instead of a lavish wedding. If you are single, this is a great time to meet someone of interest. Accept an invitation to a wedding or engagement party. It may be worth your while.

Gemini – Sun, 6 of Cups, Magician – If you are trying to have a child, this is a good week to conceive.  If a child around you has been ill their health will start to improve. A project or plans you have been working on start to materialize. Consider becoming a mentor to a young person.

Cancer – Fool, Ace of Wands, Page of Swords – Make sure you see things 360 degrees before you act. An interesting prospect may cross your path but take time to think about it before jumping on board. Be sure to communicate how you feel instead of holding things in and then exploding later.

Leo-Strength Rx, Queen of Pentacles – You may be to over protective when it comes to an older female friend or relative. You can let your defenses down somewhat. Breath and figure out another way to get it all done. Feeling vulnerable once in awhile is okay.

Virgo– 10 of Wands, Hierophant + 2 of Cups – Many Virgos are still struggling but by Tuesday or Wednesday you will receive much needed guidance. If you have been at odds with a company or institution a resolution will be reached. Health-wise, be sure to get a check up and if you haven’t been feeling well the root cause could be coming from a set of paired organs.

Libra – Page of Pentacles, King of Pentacles – Financial matters will be of the utmost importance over the coming days. A small amount of money will reach you by Sunday. A male relative or friend will come through on a loan.

Scorpio – Chariot, 10 of Swords – It’s a great week for making strides at your job. The week will move fast so make sure to stay organized so you can keep up. By Friday, you can pull back a bit. Some of your planned activities may be postponed. Money flow is good.

Sagittarius – Temperance, Star, Page of Wands – On Monday and Tuesday you will have to work at getting your footing. You may not be in the mood for your regular weekly routine. Wednesday, you get your mojo back. Thursday, important news greets you about job, family or your health. Plan a fun activity for the weekend.

Capricorn – 10 of Cups, Queen of Wands – This is a week dedicated to your personal relationships. If you have a contentious relationship with a younger woman, you will be able to smooth things over soon. Friendships with other women improve as well. Some Capricorns may experience relationship break-ups while others are introduced to potential partners through female friends.

Aquarius – Ace of Pentacles, Chariot, 9 of Swords – You seem to be concerned again about your finances. Luckily, your money forecast looks bright this week. A raise or bonus is looking positive. Cash flow picks up by Tuesday.

Pisces – Knight of Swords, 8 of Swords, 5 of Swords – You received all sword cards so that means you will be analyzing, over-analyzing, thinking and over-thinking. Tension at home/work can cloud your head if you let it. Your impeccable intergrity may be called into question which will set you off. Remember your track record speaks for itself. To combat claustrophobia, go see that movie you have been wanting to see for awhile, have an extra latte. Do something you enjoy.  Stay calm, state the facts and keep moving.

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