November 16, 2015

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*No Personal Year Number Forecasts This Week!





Aries – 8 of Wands, 8 of Pentacles, 5 of Cups – Early in the week, you will get the green-light on a project or plan. The next few days will be fast paced but everything going according to schedule. Job seekers and business owners will get good feedback from potential employers and clients. Watch your health. Stick to your diet and limit alcohol consumption.

Taurus – The Emperor, Ace of Wands – A new opportunity will come by Thursday. A supervisor may rub you the wrong way. Take it all in stride and stay focused on your larger goal.

Gemini – Justice, The Chariot –  A busy week is ahead. Possible legal issues take a positive turn. Personal complaints you may have filed against a corporation or individual will be moved forward. Money comes easier.

Cancer – 5 of Cups + 6 of Swords, Lovers + Knight of Swords – You begin to recover after not feeling well. By Wednesday, you should be almost 100%. Later in the week, you give lots of thought to long-term partnerships or getting reacquainted with someone. During this time of year, you may start to retain lots of fluid in the body. So be mindful of your diet.

Leo – 8 of Cups, 4 of Wands, Page of Swords – Your positive attitude is what keeps you afloat and also allows good things to flow to you. You will get information this week that will erase any discouraging feelings you may have had.

Virgo – Chariot, Empress, King of Cups – This week you are able to make some headway. An interesting development involving a middle age woman will take place by mid-week. You get to flex your creative muscle.

Libra – Knight of Cups, Strength, Moon- People seek advice and comfort from you. Lend an ear but be careful not to take on their burden. Monitor your own emotional status especially towards the end of the week. A Romantic interlude may be order.

Scorpio – 6 of Pentacles, 7 of Swords + 9 of Swords – Signs that money flow is about to pick up show up early in the week. If you owe money, now is the time to pay it back or catch up on bills. Towards the end of the week, your mind may start to play tricks on you. You may think something is worse than it actually is and start to worry for nothing. Stay calm and don’t over analyze.

Sagittarius -10 of Cups, 2 of Cups + King of Swords – Again this week offers up romance, dating and a cozy time with your mate (if you have one). If single, this is another great week to meet someone special. This person most likely is brand new. Not someone from your past. Integrity and ethics is important to you both.

Capricorn – Strength, 8 of Pentacles, Chariot –  Money earning potential is strong this week. Business endeavors get a must needed boost. By Thursday, life should be moving along at a solid pace.

Aquarius – Ace of Wands, Death, 10 of Swords – A potential loss is actually your gain in the long run. If you are met with discouraging news, a positive message will follow quickly. Don’t give up.

Pisces -8 of Swords, Ace of Pentacles + Queen of Cups Rx – You may not be feeling as carefree as you usually do. A feeling of restriction makes you uncomfortable. An older woman in your life may not be the most stable right now.  A person that you don’t know well could be helpful with securing you a job, more money or business.

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