PYN November 2015 Forecasts

*There Will Be A New Moon On November 11th (11/11). It’s a great time to set new personal goals and intentions!!!


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PYN 1 – Page of Wands (9 of Pentacles, Magician) + Lovers, Empress – This is a 3 personal month for you. 3 carries great creative energy and also represents manifestation which you will see a lot of this month. News about finances come early in the month. Money you most likely weren’t expecting is on the way. This is a huge relief, although, you should have seen an uptick in your cash flow late last month. For those that are single, a love interest or two may pop up out of the blue. However, you may have had a brief dream or inclination that someone was about to arrive that suits your fancy. There is a chance you may meet this person through a female friend. Overall, you will be happy how this month unfolds. There may be a week or two when time seems to lag but with all the other excitement happening you may not even notice it.

PYN 2 – High Priestess  (3 of Pentacles) + Hermit, Page of Pentacles – This is a 4 personal month for you. This month you will be busy with work and getting organized. Pressure comes with the number 4. So you might feel overwhelmed at times with the amount of tasks you have on hand. Your creativity will be high and your problem solving abilities will be sharp. You may have to make a dollar out of 15 cents. So, be prepared to accomplish the impossible. Small amounts of cash arrive through out the month. You may find some you stashed away and forgot about. Either way, it will come at the right time as you might feel squeezed financially. Plenty of light bulb moments will be had. You finally make sense of of why certain people act they way they do.

PYN 3 – Hierophant, Star, Page of Swords, 7 of Cups – This is a 5 personal month for you. There will be lots of activity and lots to do through out the month. Communication is easier. If you are in talks about a creative project all should go well. Stay grounded and don’t bog yourself down with unnecessary pressure or unimportant details. Stay focused on the bigger picture. If you need more guidance on a particular subject someone will give you a hand. You will have many lucky moments this month some stemming from an institution or people in power. Money flow may be erratic at times but for the most part the 5 vibration is good at attracting cash.

PYN 4 –  Tower, 2 of Swords, King of Wands, 5 of Swords, 2 of Wands –  This is a 6 personal month for you. 6 is usually a stable number representing foundation. However, November finds you trying to keep the lid on things but to no avail. It’s time for life to get messy and fall apart so it can be sorted out and put back together again. A situation may take place early in the month, tough decisions will have to be made and what you decide may clash with those around you. You may have to agree to disagree and move forward with your plans. Despite what others say or think. Stick to what you believe and do what you think is best. Money flow is good.

PYN 5 – Hanged Man + 5 of Cups (Reversed), Ace of Pentacles + 8 of Pentacles, Ace of Swords + 7 of Swords – This is a 7 personal month for you. Which means it will be one of insights and self introspection. A serious illness, addiction or other problem has you weighed down. Luckily, November begins with a much needed break through mentally and emotionally with whatever you have been wrestling with. Projects and job-hunting also get a boost. Progress with finances comes when you receive information that will help reverse some of your money woes. Re-thinking old habits and adopting new healthier spending habits helps a lot.  The last week in the month finds your preparing mentally for a busy December. You may want to use the New Moon of November 11th to set new goals for yourself.

PYN 6– High Priestess + 3 of Pentacles, Queen of Wands (5 of Swords) + 6 of Cups + Tower – This is a 8 personal month for you. It should not disappoint with a good flow of money and lots of activities to keep you engaged and feeling alive. Your instincts will be strong especially when it comes to reading other people and their intentions towards you. You may not be able avoid heated disagreements (especially with feisty woman), but it’s good you get your point across. Your dreams and intuition give you guidance to help complete a project or move forward with a particular matter. Old situations (or people) from the past may arise or a chronic illness may flare up towards the end of the month. Approaching the issue calmly means you have already won half the battle.

PYN 7 – Wheel of Fortune + King of Pentacles, Empress + 9 of Pentacles + Fool + Hanged Man – This is a 9 personal month for you. Emotionally, it will be a roller-coaster month. It will also be a month where you attract interesting people into your life. Profits and dividends may flip flop. You will need to seek financial advice from a professional who knows what he/she is talking about and has a good track record. A financial endeavor may hit a snag around the third week, if so, you will have to wait and  work things out in December. Job-seekers may score a great opportunity. A woman may be instrumental in assisting with your job search or securing a position. Brushing up on skills or taking educational classes is a plus. Think about becoming your own boss if you aren’t already.

PYN 8 – Star (8 of Wands Reversed)+6 of Cups, 10 of Cups, 2 of Wands, 9 of Cups – This is a 1 month personal month for you. Much of the focus will be on you and your emotions. You may be feeling nostalgic or longing for someone or something from the past.  A blessing in disguise will greet you early in the month. You may locate a lost item/person or decide to rekindle a relationship with an ex. If so, the potential this time around looks more promising but is not guaranteed. If you decide to take a trip with someone close, you will have a blast. November offers great energy for travel.  This is a great time for advancing any personal plans you have. When it comes to your job or business, this will be a beautiful month. Although, a 1 month is about focusing on self, relationships may play a big role. If you don’t have a family, you may put a lot of thought or even serious planning into starting one.

PYN 9 – 5 of Cups (Knight of Swords), Queen of Swords, King of Swords, 8 of Cups, 2 of Wands – This is a 2 personal month for you. This will be an emotional month but it will also teach you that most suffering comes from being overly emotional and that it is okay to detach from it all.  Family will come under the microscope over the next few weeks. An ailment or an addiction my have to be dealt with seriously. Older, wiser people in the family may share some wisdom to help you see the situation in a different light. Your romantic relationship needs some spicing up. December will offer up creative ways to do that. If you are single, love prospects open up later this month. During the last week of the month, you may contemplate a radical change and the time for that is coming soon. Money flow will be Okay.

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