October 12, 2015

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Aries – 5 of Cups, Magician + 9 of Wands – The impossible can be achieved despite mishaps and postponements. You have been down this road before. Don’t allow the current struggle to discourage you. It will pass and the results will be to your liking.

Taurus – 8 of Wands, World – Life is moving again. Things are happening. Job wise this is a good week. You might even get an offer. At the very least, you should land an interview.

Gemini -5 of Pentacles, Queen of Wands, Strength – Recovery from health issues or financial loss is possible now. You have the help you need to get back on your feet. 

Cancer – 2 of Wands Rx, Ace of Wands – Temporary setbacks at work or with money fade by the end of the week. An item you thought was lost will be found.

Leo -King of Pentacles + Knight of Pentacles – A financial analysis and budget is needed. Review all bank statements, investments and receipts to insure there are no discrepancies. You are on the right road to recovering any material loss.

Virgo-4 of Wands + 9 of Cups – This is a better week. The last couple of days have been wild. Mercury is now direct but not yet at full speed. Nevertheless, this is still good news for the Virgin. A spot of happiness will brighten your week. By Wednesday or Thursday you will receive upbeat news that could turn this month around.

Libra – 5 of Cups, Hanged Man – Frustration may set in due to health matters. Your energy is not as high because you have been fighting an uphill battle for weeks. Put everything on hold until next week. Use this time to recharge.

Scorpio – Death, 8 of Pentacles – A major change will happen with a project or personal matter you have been working on. You may have gotten wind of this before the week started. This is a positive change.

Sagittarius -Star + Fool – You will have plenty of cosmic protection over the next week. A mistake that would normally blow up in one’s face won’t have much of an impact on you. You may be unsure of how to proceed with an idea. By Friday, you will have a better plan of action.

Capricorn-Knight of Cups + 4 of Cups – Dating woes have you feeling disenchanted. There is still hope so don’t give up. What you seek is seeking you. This year still has some surprises left.

Aquarius -Devil + Judgement – You should have a fleeting movement of great luck but then it could be followed up with an annoying request from a family member. You can always decline.

Pisces -Emperor + 8 of Wands – Job activity/business is still going strong. A great opportunity could present itself at any time this week. You are ready and totally competent. Stick to your guns about salary or pricing.

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PY1 – 7 of Pentacles + Star – A nice to-do will take place this week. You have been working hard on many aspects of your life and you will see the development of one of those things take form.

PY2– 7 of Wands, 5 of Pentacles, 3 of Swords – Changes at work or with your finances has left you in a predicament. However, early in the week you will get news or help that will offset the effects of financial problems.

PY3-Moon, 4 of Cups, Hanged Man – You will have to be patient as this will be an emotional time. Everything is at a standstill and there is nothing you can do to move them along. Wait until the end of the week to get things done

PY4– High Priestess, Temperance – Your intuition is strong. If you receive information about your health, listen closely. Otherwise, this will be an easy going week. Whatever news comes your way don’t act on it right away.

PY5– World, Page of Wands, Sun – Great news meets you early in the week. It could pertain to a new job, finances, baby on the way, engagement, etc. Not much could go wrong over the next seven days.

PY6– 6 of Wands – Support from friends and family is what’s important and much needed. You are not alone and have the guidance you need.

PY7– 6 of Pentacles, 5 of Wands – Disputes over money loom overhead as finances take center stage over the next few days. The matter, most likely, will be resolved before the week ends.

PY8– 5 of Cups, 2 of Cups – Love relationships have you down. Your concerns may be real but will not be addressed as you would like them to be. Not at this moment. Ailments with paired organs may be plaguing you. If you are aware of your condition, do research to get a better understanding of how to heal.

PY9– 10 of Swords, 2 of Wands – It’s time to put the kabash on one matter and get ready to take on another. This is a 9 year for you, many endings will take place. You are lucky as new doors are starting to open up for you before next year begins.

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