PYN October 2015 Monthly Forecasts

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PY1 – October is your Personal Month 2. Some of the energy from September will carry over. Making the start of October slow for the first week or so but then it gets busy and exciting around the second week. Money flow, job search and business will be good. After that, time will seem to come to a standstill for several days. Mercury going direct on 10/9 will be most helpful with getting errands done and taking care of personal business. Money may become problematic later on in the month. But a nice surprise should show up around the 15th that will be most helpful. You will be able to make it all work out. Dating and romantic partnerships are also in focus if you are single and looking. October could be a surprising time to meet a potential partner. Home and family play a big role this month as well. You will dedicate much of your time to those who need you.

PY2– October is your Personal Month 3. Finances are the top priority and looking promising through out the entire month. The financial walls you hit in September will come down early in October. You should be able to catch up where you fell behind on bills and expenses. After Mercury goes direct on 10/9, career and business activity pick up. The stress from last month could impact your health. You do not want to get sick now especially when possible employment/business/money making opportunities are close by. Stay healthy! The energy will be ripe to socialize and meet new people. New friends and business associates made during this time have the potential to last for years to come. Exploring your creativity is in order as well. Feel free to take art or dance class or whatever suits your fancy.

PY3– October is your Personal Month 4. This month tough decisions will have to be made. You face pressure to get things done. You may become a caretaker of sorts especially of children. You will have to find your balance and remain faithful that everything will get done. Along with the responsibilities, a residential move or travel will also be in the works. This could be for work or again to see about other people. Later on in the month, romantic relationship matters pop-up. Everything looks pleasant. Your spouse will show tremendous support. If you are single, you could meet someone who is understanding and a good listener. In general, you will have the support of people or a person during this chaotic time. Money flow will be sufficient.

PY4– October is your Personal Month 5. With the Full Moon Eclipse on 9/27, you will feel the affects for a few weeks. You will spend several days dealing with others who are difficult and stubborn. The issue may not be one that you will easily be able to let go. Luckily, it should end early in the month. After Mercury goes direct on 10/9, aspects of your life will take off. You will be able to make things happen or things will just happen without much effort exerted on your part. Handling alpha females make you sharper than you already are. You are able to neutralize people who are a bit much. This is a good time to make money or do something out of character. October is also the perfect time to make serious changes and either add something to your life or subtract something or someone. Despite the tension in the air, you will feel freer this month than you have in a while.

PY5– October is your 6 Personal Month. You will like what October has in-store for you. It will be a cheery, productive month. With a possible trip coming up during the last week. This month you feel you are making progress and are on the right path. That feeling is correct and there will be signs to confirm that you are doing it all correctly. Baby news could arrive mid-month. Most likely, coming from someone close to you. More information about close family members will be delivered after 10/9. Communication with others is smooth. Tasks get done with ease. Income earnings look solid. Interests in spiritual topics can introduce you to an entirely new world.

PY6– October is your 7 Personal Month. The new month starts with you working on bringing your energy levels back up. Disappointment regarding work, job, school or finances have you frustrated and angry with the wrong people. Take a step back and figure out what worked and what didn’t work. To be honest, whatever happened was out of your control at a certain point anyway. A trusted friend is there to comfort you and offer up good advice. After 10/9, the heavy clouds start to roll back and you feel better when a phone call or email arrives with good news and gets you moving again. Money flow will be okay.

PY7– October is a 8 Personal Month. So many things are indefinite. The first few days of the new month are hard to make heads or tails of. A number of confusing developments take place. The not knowing is what the worry is. Luckily, you will get the confirmation you need in the first half of the month. The struggle with this year is almost over. Squabbles with close women in your life subside. Constraints at work or in business loosen. Money earnings increase after 10/9. A nice flow of cash in and out leaves you with a peace of mind and you are able to meet your expenses at the end of the month.

PY8– October is a 9 Personal Month. Early in October, you will feel the affects of Mercury retrograde. Electronic malfunctions cause delays in receiving your paycheck or other monies owed you. Payments should start to come in around October 8th or 9th. However, issues with sending and receiving money may continue throughout the month but lessen in the last week. The good news is that, this should still be a social month. You will have a chance to get out and circulate and meet new people. One person in particular may stand out. The last week in October sees business affairs closer to being finalized.

PY9– October is a 1 Personal Month. Your needs take priority. Cooperation from medical professionals and corporate institutions help you move forward with your plans. The pace and timing of it all is perfect. A spot of goodluck greets you mid-month, when a helping hand or an unexpected surprise pops up. Later on in the month, the energy slows down. Giving you a chance to catch your breath. People will make you feel claustrophobic and try to monopolize your time. It’s okay to say NO. Otherwise, over committing yourself will leave less time for you and throw your rhythm off.

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