September 7, 2015

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*Venus Turned Direct On Sunday September 6, 2015

Aries – Wheel of Fortune, 8 of Swords +Ace of Cups – The emotional relationships you have with close people in your life is improving. You might not have recognized it right away but it is happening. Everyone is learning how to communicate more effectively.  Your good fortune perks up early in the week. Lots of flirtatious energy abounds. A new person of interest appears during the weekend.

Taurus -Queen of Wands, Temperance, 10 of Wands- Tension with an older woman, i.e mother or grandmother, starts to ease by Thursday. This will make for a happier weekend. There could be a chance encounter with a potential new love interest Saturday or Sunday.

Gemini -2 of Cups, 7 of Wands, Page of Pentacles- For those in romantic relationships or who have close friendships that have been strained over the past few weeks, amends will be made. A small amount of unexpected money should come by Sunday. Job related situations end favorably.

Cancer -5 of Swords, 10 of Wands, Strength- Bad feelings from disagreements with others are still lingering. This is causing you emotional stress. The outcome of the situation is not yet known but remain strong and not blame yourself for what has transpired.

Leo – Death, 4 of Cups, The Fool, The Star – The transition you are going through is not easy but the sacrifices you are making will pay off. By Thursday, small talk with a stranger could shift your perspective. More ideas and clarity will come and help you get more organized.

Virgo -3 of Wands, Magician, 3 of Swords -There will be delays in your plans later in the week. If your target date is Friday, you may have to change that.  Something comes through early in the week that you were not expecting.

Libra – The Devil + Hermit, Justice – Separations/detachments in the long run are good for the soul. You will learn to adjust and find your balance. Legal decisions should be handed down this week.

Scorpio – 4 of Wands, King of Swords, 2 of Swords- People are naturally gravitating towards you. Your integrity and honesty is a breath of fresh air.  This will be a celebratory week and one where you can meet interesting new people who can give you additional insight into your line of work.

Sagittarius -7 of Cups Rx, King of Wands, Page of Cups – Hard choices will have to be made over the next few days. A young man could be at the center of the decision. Follow your gut instincts. Don’t give into the pressure. Solutions will come soon to free you up.

Capricorn -Knight of Cups, Temperance, Ace of Swords – When it comes to dating and partnerships, you will have no choice but to take it slow. The situation is moving at a snails pace anyway. This is to give you ample time to think and re-think your current status. Any health issues you are experiencing need to be check out now.

Aquarius -Page of Pentacles, Fool, 3 of Wands -Unexpected cash should arrive by Wednesday. Good news about your current job will also hit by mid-week. If you are waiting to hear back from a company you should by Friday.

Pisces -The Sun, Knight of Swords, The Moon – The actions of a few people will leave you confused.  Trust the psychic information you receive throughout the week. You don’t have to act on this information right away. File it away in your memory bank. Ultimately, it will be your Ace in the whole when the time is right.

To calculate your Personal Year Number (PYN) Please visit:

PY1 – Your creative mind is at work. New ideas flow to you easily. A call or an email could leave you feeling renewed and optimistic about what’s in-store for the rest of the month. Money flow is good.

PY2– You will start the week out moodier than usual but will soon calm down as resources that are needed begin to fall into place. This will be a sobering week. Use the time to enjoy the last few weeks of Summer.

PY3– Certain women in your life will overwhelm you or at least try to. It’s up to you if they succeed or not. Keep your emotions grounded and your sense of humor active. Money earnings increase later on in the week.

PY4– Pay attention to your dreams and intuition as they will alert you to impending changes in your career and overall life path. Next year you will be a 5 Personal Year and it will be a wild and crazy time. One to look forward to.

PY5– The stability concerning an older woman, i.e Mother or Grandmother, in your life will arise. The matter looks promising. Property and the equity attached to where you live also comes into focus. All is well so no need to worry. Single PY5, have a strong chance of meeting someone interesting during the week.

PY6-This is a better week for dating and matters of the heart. Funds are more available to spend on a nice evening out or trip. Communication improves and reduces misunderstandings.

PY7– You will spend much of the week in semi-solitude doing a lot of thinking and analyzing about your current status and how to proceed from here. Remember this is a 7 personal year. Very little action takes place in a 7 year, it’s mostly planning.

PY8– Chaos punctuates the start of the week. Job and finances are the two biggest  culprits. Rumblings of internal changes in staff at work will be heard. Who you take orders from or who you give orders to may shift. Money flow improves.

PY9– A financial surprise will be presented to you early in the week. Your harsh opinion about a particular older woman will change slightly based on new information you receive.

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