August 24, 2015

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Aries – Ace of Wands, Hierophant- Your wit and ambition are opening up doors. Little can stop you from making waves in your chosen industry or profession. Institutions or educators may seek out your expertise. Your integrity and reputation will take you a long way. 

Taurus -8 of Cups, 7 of Cups and Death – Your ruling planet Venus is in retrograde until September 6th. This is a tough phase. It’s counterproductive to entertain regrets. Focus on your life’s goals. Indecision and a lack of clarity is frustrating but it is okay to be in such a state for awhile. It’s actually signalling spiritual growth. Once you work through this stage, you will have a clearer picture of what’s happening and where you go from here.

Gemini -Queen of Pentacles, Ace of Swords, Lovers – You will have to rethink what it means to have a romantic relationship. Are your perceptions based on realism or Hollywood fantasy?  You have to consider what works best for you and not the people around you feeding you false information. Take the advice of an elder who can shed logic on the topic.

Cancer -Ace of Pentacles, 6 of Swords, 3 of Cups- Being around the right people is therapeutic. The energy of this week is pushing you towards socializing and making new contacts.  A friend may help you out of a weird situation. Money flow looks good.

Leo -Emperor, 10 of cups, 6 of Wands – A financial opportunity comes out of the blue by Friday. A close friend will give you a lead on a job opening not made public yet. This is a good week to make business decisions and sign contracts.  For Leo’s in a relationship, the door is open for an unexpected trip.  Single Leo’s might meet someone interesting through a close friend or formal gathering.

Virgo -Chariot, 6 of Pentacles, Star – Jupiter in Virgo is making itself known. The feeling of drudging through mud is abating.  This is your week for improved finances, job opportunities and business expansion. All will be completely unexpected. Thursday might just be the best day of the week. The limitations and restrictions on your income start to fall away. Avenues of revenue that collapsed months ago are being resuscitated.

Libra -5 of Swords, Judgement- Your ruling planet Venus is in retrograde until September 6th. Life may seem unbalanced at the moment. People who pass judgement on you will feel your wrath. On the same token, be sure not to pass judgement on others. Especially, not before you know the whole story. Be tactful in your words, no need to hurt people’s feelings.  Money flow is tight, so be mindful of your spending.

Scorpio -Queen of cups, 9 of Cups, Chariot – You are making a good impression on decision makers.  Advancements are being made in your personal life. People are also gravitating towards you because of your spirit and intelligence. You are a master at what you do. A promotion or raise is near.

Sagittarius -9 of Swords, 4 of Cups, 3 of Wands – It’s time to inject newness into your life. The cosmos are helping you do just that by removing outdated or unnecessary energy, people, things from your space. By Friday, you will feel lighter and more energized; ready to embark upon new adventures. Money flow is okay.

Capricorn – 3 of cups, Ace of Pentacles, Sun – A surprise comes early in the week. Most likely by Tuesday. Friends, family or co-workers play a big role in what’s to come. By Wednesday, good news about your finances appears. You end the week enjoying a festivity or two.

Aquarius -6 of Swords, Ace of Wands, 5 of Pentacles -Money and job woes have you concerned. News will come by mid-week that will address either of the two issues and put your mind at ease. If you have lost a substantial amount of money, you will, most likely, have to write it off. However, you can make it back at a later date.

Pisces -3 of Wands, Fool, 7 of Wands- You score points at business and on the job. The work you do may open up opportunities cross-country or overseas. Don’t hesitate to entertain new business ideas, some may sound far-fetched but with some reworking are actually viable.

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PY1 -The overall tone this week will be subdued and pleasant. You have the cooperation of other people who  are accommodating and understanding. In other words, they will work with you on whatever you need to get done. For those in a relationship, you reach a milestone. Money is still top on your agenda and it is steadily flowing to you.

PY2– Concrete results is what this week brings to you. Especially when it comes to family affairs. You get a glimmer of hope via the positive actions of those close to you. Financial matters look promising and if you are thinking about returning to school, you should get upbeat news by the end of the week.

PY3– Real Estate/Property/Probate matters are put on hold. Banking issues are at a standstill. However, the end result will be one to your liking. Good news about money comes later in the week. Family difficulties begin to look up over the weekend.

PY4- You have to see things for what they are. Nothing can be forced at this time.  If a situation has been stale for an extended period of time, move on. If you are dealing with stubborn people, leave them alone. Your freedom comes from detaching emotionally from people and things that serve little purpose.

PY5– Unexpected events take place regarding one very important woman in your life. This can be a relative/friend/wife etc. After it’s all said and done, it will be for the better. Significant change must occur to move life forward.

PY6– You may not feel like you have the fortitude to make it through but the good news is most of the work has already been done. You have come through the most difficult part. Now it’s time to watch things take shape. You will witness change over the coming days. This will be a prominent week for setting the stage for a great Fall Season.

PY7–  This is a great time to improve relationships, money matters, and promoting your business or talents. People are becoming more aware of you. If you have started dating someone new, there is strong potential for a serious relationship. Business partnerships look good. 

PY8– There will be a change in plans when it comes to moving residences or switching jobs or any other significant changes you plan on making. You hit a snag but this will actually reveal information you need to know. Therefore, you can exercise better judgement or make tighter plans. The assistance you need will come.

PY9– You start the first couple of days sulking because things are not going as planned. Your friends and family help cheer you up. By the end of the week, dinner plans are made. This will set you up for a good weekend. Something or someone you thought wasn’t going to come through will, by Sunday. Cash prospects pick up around Friday.

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