August 17, 2015

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*Jupiter is now in Virgo until September 2016

Aries– 10 of Swords, King of Swords -Ties may be severed with someone you respect. A good thing may have run its course. It’s not a loss but the natural cycle of life. People come and go. A new person or a better set-up is about to begin.

Taurus– 9 of Pentacles- Cash flow is good. Take the opportunity to get caught up on debt. Handle your responsibilities first. Side businesses pick up clients and more revenue.

Gemini– Justice, The Empress – If a particular woman is nagging you, she will relent and give you a break. Legal matters or business negotiations go well. You are feeling more at ease. Something you said will prove correct.  You get the last word!

Cancer – Death – Changes you were hoping for will come but you will have to give up something in return. The exchange will prove worthwhile. Your spiritual center and permonitions become stronger but only through tough lessons.

Leo -Ace of Pentacles, Fool – You will be handed an interesting prospect but it will require upgrading your skillset or attempting something completely different. Relinquishing control is something you will have to do in order to get through this period smoothly. Let the Universe show you what it can do.

Virgo -6 of Pentacles, 6 of Cups, Strength- 6 is strong in your reading. That is a good sign. It means a solid new foundation is forming after many rocky and uncertain years. Remember, Jupiter is now in your house so things will steadily improve from now until next year. Money flow is good this week. A new stream of income is becoming more viable. You feel like you are starting all over again. Remain strong. Your luck is improving.

Libra-Knight of Wands, 10 of Wands- You may not want to make an inevitable change but you will be left with no choice.  Positive change in residence, work, relationship, diet, habits will happen no matter how hard you resist. The constant push back you have been receiving from life is fading.

Scorpio – 8 of Wands, Judgement – Your progress is in alignment with your life’s purpose. Dismiss simpleton, derogatory comments from know-it-alls.  Job changes/advancements/raises or news about such will come by Thursday. Elevation in status in your community or place of worship will take place.

Sagittarius -King of Cups, Emperor, 6 of Swords – Consider exploring new forms of self expression. Or dust off old talents and bring them back to life and monetize them. Flexibility in dealing with others will help things go smoothly. An opportunity to combine health and healing into a business appears.

Capricorn – 6 of Wands, 2 of Wands- Current partnerships: romantic and professional, will continue to work and be long lasting but may take on a new positive direction. Time will work out the details. August or September is the time to take your personal and business ideas to the next level.

Aquarius -2 of Pentacles, 9 of Pentacles, 8 of Pentacles – You are an air sign but earthly matters have you anchored firmly to the ground. Practicality is the rule of thumb. Reworking ideas and perfecting techniques will make this an intense week. You are making progress in earning money independently.

Pisces -Queen of Swords, Ace of Pentacles- For Lady Pisces this is a good time to upgrade your look, your home and/or office. For Guy Pisces, a woman can be helpful in moderating a business matter for you. In general, Pisces have to be vigilant and diligent when it comes to business. You may be under heavy scrutiny from those in power who will try to lean on you but you have the constitution to push back.

To calculate your Personal Year Number (PYN) Please visit:

PY1 – The energy of this week will be different from previous weeks. It will be upbeat, happy and eager because there will be changes taking place in your sector of earned income, job, business and overall direction of your life. This is your 1 personal year and it is suppose to be about starting anew. However, it probably hasn’t felt that way because you have been wrestling with lingering issues from 2014. This week, the energy and qualities of the 1 Personal Year will be tangible. A major development will take place by mid-week that will set you on a different course. You will be most pleased. Jupiter in Virgo is doing you a world of good. 

PY2– You will have to work at keeping your energy up. Wanting to stay in and hibernate will be your first inclination. Your assistance will be needed so make yourself available. Take up a new skill or subject. An “Aha” moment will come by Wednesday.  Money matters come up around Thursday, conserve as much as you can. Think of ways to cut expenses and save more.

PY3– You will have to set the record straight with the people in your circle. Teenagers may see you as a push over so you will have to show them different. A nuisance from the past might make an appearance but you don’t have to address it immediately or at all for that matter.

PY4– Finances are the main course. You have a chance to increase your money making potential via a side business or real estate. Pay attention to your health and make sure you are taking a multi-vitamin and minerals.

PY5– You are concerned about the well being of a close woman in your life. Take it one day at a time. Be mindful of being over indulgent. To much of anything can be detrimental. Pace yourself. Money flow is okay.

PY6-Dating and romance are on your mind. If you are single and looking, opportunities will come up to meet someone special; most likely through a female friend or relative. Explore new ways of meeting people. Ways that are new to YOU.  Take time to care for yourself and give your look an update but nothing too dramatic.

PY7– “Intense” is the word this week. Surprising news or a revelation will come out of left field mid-week. With it brings an interesting opportunity. You will have to visualize the potential that is buried inside in order to take advantage. Don’t sweat what is out of your control. Pay attention to your nightly dreams, they contain important messages.

PY8– You remain focused on your tasks. Little will distract you and that will make for a productive week. Visit those you have not seen in awhile or call friends/relatives you have not spoken to in a long time. Use the time to catch-up on things you have neglected. Money flow is steady.

PY9– Making time for family or close friends is a must. If you don’t have a family, it’s time to do some socializing and be amongst people. You could be required to take on additional tasks at work or be assigned to a project with one or two other people. It will work out just fine.  Money flow looks good.

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