August 10, 2015

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Aries -King of Cups -You are the “It” person. You have the answers and the temperament to accommodate those who need your assistance. Your creative vibe is strong and your giving nature is right on time for someone who needs it now.

Taurus -Ace of Pentacles, 6 of Swords -A new advantage or positive outcome is taking a long time to come to fruition. However, it will manifest in its own time.  Take this period to rest or get house work done.

Gemini -5 of Pentacles, The Hierophant – Decisions and actions from large companies are slow in coming. It might take another week or 2 for them to pick up the pace. Matters of employment surface but no action is taken. Unemployment claims/problems may take a while to resolve.

Cancer -8 of Wands, 4 of Pentacles- If you are searching for a house or apartment, this is a great week to do so. If you are waiting to hear back about either, you will get a call by the weekend. This is a good week to move residences or change jobs. Financial data looks strong.

Leo -3 of Cups, Judgement- A positive change in your professional and personal network is happening now. New associates arrive with impressive credentials that can assist with your professional endeavors. If you are thinking about online dating it will be worth your effort.

Virgo -10 of Cups, 2 of Pentacles- Keep your emotions in check, keep your diet clean too. Your interactions with people should be kept professional. Do not take anything personally. Relationship matters arise, however, everything looks solid. For those that are single, a chance encounter may prove to be lucky. Business plans go well.

Libra –  8 of Swords, 8 of Pentacles- 8’s play a big role in your reading this week. That is your number for the next 7 days. Keep your eyes open and your mouth shut. This is the time to work, work, work, but keep your plans and any details to yourself. Once everything is complete, then feel free to share.

Scorpio -5 of Wands, Queen of Wands – You might not see eye to eye with a particular feisty female, but you know how to handle her. Stay cool, calm and collected, that will irk everyone’s nerves.  Watch your spending.

Sagittarius -Hanged Man, 2 of Swords- This is not the week for action. This is the time for organizing or planning, handling paper work, de-cluttering any old newspapers, magazines, old cassette tapes, VHS etc. You are making room for your ruling planet Jupiter to bestow upon you electronics and functional household devices.

Capricorn – Hermit Reversed, 6 of Swords-  This week will start out low on energy. It will pick-up by Thursday. Research as much as you can about health issues. Keep your spending to a minimum.

Aquarius – 9 of Pentacles- Money flow is good. Cash made from independent work or sources is especially good. This is also a great time to work on reducing expenses or getting a lower APR rate!

Pisces -Ace of Wands- A new idea to make money pops up. A new avenue to generate revenue is possible. You may have to take time to briefly learn a new skill or brush up on an old one. But, what’s old is new again. At least you can put a new spin on something from the past.

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PY1 – The number 7 came up twice in your reading. That is the number that will govern your week. The wheels of change are turning, albeit slowly, but they are turning. Early this week, you will see one of the items you are working on take shape. Good news will come to you between Monday and Wednesday. You are favored by the Cosmos for the next 7 days. What has been out of sync will be balanced once again. You will feel more relaxed the deeper we go into August!

PY2– A change in your thinking or attitude will take place. New information will help you sort out details. This is progress and will take some of the pressure off of you.

PY3– New job/business opportunities show up. Potential new clients appear. A new stream of revenue opens up. You are already feeling the energy of Jupiter entering Virgo tomorrow.

PY4– Rapid speed, that is how your week will move. This is a much needed blessing and break from the snails pace of a 4 Personal Year.  Projects will get done in a timely fashion. People will respond quickly. Matters will get resolved fast. Enjoy!

PY5– The mind will play tricks on you. Your hunches may be off as well. You have to stay logical and grounded and let the evidence be the proof. Don’t assume anything and don’t jump the gun.

PY6– Patience will be your virtue as the next seven days will push you to the limit. A watched pot never boils. Instead of waiting for that one thing to happen, refocus your attention on other projects, for now. Everything will fall into place in due time. 

PY7– Spiritual change is always tough but well worth the journey. By the time you get to Saturday, you will feel reborn. Mercury is in Virgo, your mind will be active and you have lots of energy to burn but no outlet for it. The next 5 days will be intense but also insightful.

PY8– Emotions rise as memories from a distant past resurface. Give yourself a short period of time to process the information, the feelings and then release it all. Young people and your concern for them may have you feeling discouraged. The answers are not simple. Do what you can and that is all.

PY9– Finances and job security are on your mind. The Universe always has a solution but it doesn’t appear as quickly as you want. Your answer may not come until the end of the week. Jupiter enters Virgo tomorrow, that is a nice position and will benefit all, including you.

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