August 3, 2015

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Aries -World- You get off to a great start at the new month. Projects, decisions and money that were  in limbo last month finally get the green light. All systems are a go. Enjoy!

Taurus – Strength, Sun- Health issues improve. You feel a sense of resolution. Your personal constitution gives you the fortitude to use this week and the rest of this month to expand and increase your base. This is an important week that you can use to set the tone for the rest of the month.

Gemini -Page of Wands, 4 of Swords- The news you receive regarding work, money or family will allow you to relax for the rest of the week. You get a period of time off and you don’t have much to worry about.

Cancer -Page of Pentacles, 7 of Cups- Financial indecision or obligation has you concerned. You will receive information by Saturday that will assist you in this area. However, the financing you need may not arrive until later this month.

Leo -8 of Wands – A great week for job-hunting or receiving an offer. This is also a good time to enact career advancement plans. Travel is a must.

Virgo -4 of Swords- The first week of August is one where you get to relax. July was high-stakes pressure. Now you get to work on and improve yourself. July issues may still linger but they are not as severe as they were before.

Libra -2 of Pentacles- Planning, budgeting and sticking to the guidelines you have set will prove to be beneficial. Work on staying emotionally balanced. Don’t indulge drama.

Scorpio -Magician- You get to pull a rabbit out of a hat, so to speak. You are the one that can make it happen when it looked impossible and still come out looking graceful. This is a great week to make extra money.

Sagittarius -King of Cups – Your temper is under control. Don’t let them see you sweat. Express yourself creatively and artistically.  This is a good week to volunteer your services to a noble cause.

Capricorn – 7 of Pentacles- Use the week to plant seeds, make plans, initiate projects. Get things started now and by September they should start sprouting. Be patient with people. Take your time with making decisions. Cash flow slows down.

Aquarius -Moon, King of Pentacles- Emotions are mixed up because of financial issues. Stability and foundation concerns may come up. Don’t get to out of sorts. A plan is always in order, negotiations can be made. You are articulate and come across well which makes people more willing to work with you.

Pisces -8 of Wands- The focus is job/career activity which are moving in a promising direction. You will be very busy over the next few days. Stay hydrated and focused on the bigger picture.

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PY1 – Your luck starts to change very early on in the week. The slow, arduous month of July is finally over. You sense things are starting to shift in a positive direction.  At last, you can exhale as finances continue to improve, job-hunting picks up, interviews are scheduled, work atmosphere improves. The 8th month harmonizes with the 8 Universal year. So, this will be a better month to get things accomplished.

Personal Month 9 – Attracting money, tying up loose ends, concerned with helping other people, emotions run high.

PY2– “Fast” is the key word this week. You will be moving at high speeds, as well as, everything around you. Which is a much needed change from the sluggish pace of much of this year. This will be a week where plans and projects come together nicely without many blocks or delays. Finances look good. Job matters take a turn for the better.

Personal Month 1 – Concerned with personal matters, starting something new, easier money flow, self improvement, quick tempered, less patience.

PY3– You will have to use your natural selling skills to gently persuade someone who has their mind already made up. A wrench may have been thrown into your plans disrupting everything. A woman may come to your rescue and smooth things out. Don’t get locked into one way of doing things. Explore alternatives that are better.

Personal Month 2 – Slower pace, watch bank account, relationship matters come into play, taking care of family and  friends.

PY4– Finances are strong. The sense that you actually are in control of them will hit mid-week. It’s a good feeling but it’s also great to see cash coming in and being able to balance your check book. 

Personal Month 3 – Better month for making things happen, good money flow, lots of creative ideas, meeting new people.

PY5– The work continues over the next 5 days. The intensity will increase and you may have to go it alone. The great thing is, you know for certain it will get done right.

Personal Month 4 – Fun activities slow down, more work piles on, pay attention to finances, get organized.

PY6– An unexpected offer will come your way by Friday. It will give you a chance to make ends meet. The task may not be easy but it will pay.

Personal Month 5 – Good time to make money, unexpected changes, A sense of freedom is felt.

PY7– You may have to go with the flow and bite your tongue. People, including yourself, are not always looking for advice. They just want to vent and let off steam. When you reach your saturation level feel free to walk away.

Personal Month 6 – Romantic relationships come into focus, family matters arise, you may need to take care of others. Money flow is okay.

PY8– You are focused on material means and gains. This first week in August will provide some clues. The rest you will have to figure out. This is not the month for action however. But, it’s a good month to do extensive research.

Personal Month 7 – Your attention turns inward, spiritual growth, learning phase, grunt work comes your way. Money matters need to be watched closely.

PY9– You feel freer now than you did last month. People, especially some women, who have been irritating you, will give you a break. As each day passes, you will feel better and better. Plan a day of fun with a close friend.

Personal Month 8 – Good month for making money however an unexpected expense may arise, easier month to manifest goals and plans, faster pace, watch waistline.

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