July 27, 2015

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Aries – 6 of Swords Reversed -You are having trouble moving to the next stage or seeing something through to its final completion. The best thing to do now is step back and ride the rest of this week out. Revisit the matter in early August.

Taurus -8 of Swords -The freedom you need, you are not feeling. Perhaps changing your perspective slightly will help you see that it’s not as bad as you think. Financial restrictions ease in mid-August.

Gemini -3 of Wands -Luckily, you are feeling more inspired than other zodiac signs. This final week in July will give you a peek into what August has planned out. In the meantime, take care of loose ends, put the final touches on plans and close out financial matters.

Cancer -10 of Wands-The work is mounting and you are feeling under appreciated. If you can, pass the buck or just let things be. Don’t take on someone else’s burden. It is not your problem.

Leo -Knight of Swords -You are sharp, reliable and organized. This week, set things straight with family, co-workers and business associates. This is the time to return phone calls and emails and initiate contact if necessary.

Virgo -King of Wands, 9 of Wands -You are ready to make things happen NOW, but the 7 energy of this month just won’t let it. Your frustration level increases. There is not much you can do to push things along. You will have to wait until August to see results.

Libra -5 of Swords, 5 of Cups- The 5 energy is strong in your reading. 5 denotes powerful energy and major change. This final week in a very long month, will have you verbally lashing out at people and then feeling bad about it later.  The tendency to overindulge is ever present. Pace yourself and think before you do anything.

Scorpio -Emperor- You stand firm in what you say. People see you as an authority figure in what you do. An opportunity to oversee a project will arise. This will be a good experience and a great way to connect with new people.

Sagittarius -The Devil -You may want to seek revenge but think twice about if that is a truly productive approach. It’s time to separate out people and things that are slowing you down or bringing you misery. The pressures of this week could cause you to give into temptation. Be careful.

Capricorn -The Tower, 5 of Cups – Change you were not expecting will come early in the week. This may cause you to go into an emotional tailspin. Understand all is not lost. Change, inevitably is for the better. Keep your eye on August.

Aquarius -4 of Swords, Queen of Pentacles- Relaxation is what the last remaining days of July has for you. Confidence is your current status. You are sitting on some ideas that could really take off later on in the year. August and September is the time to proceed with what you have planned.

Pisces -Magician, Sun- You will have the best week out of all the other signs. This is a period of materialization. You are able to make things happen quicker than you have before. Take time to enjoy the rest of Summer. Get creative and try something new. This is a good time to make financial plans, continue a job search and look for an apartment.

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PY1 – Finances continue to improve. Expenses are still high but the cash will come to cover them. A helping hand will appear at the right time.

PY2– The feeling of being overwhelmed may hit hard mid-week. It’s completely okay to postpone what you don’t feel like getting done now.

PY3-This week could not move fast enough for you. The bright side is that by Thursday,  the pace will pick up and a small financial gift will come your way just in time for August.

PY4– Interesting news about your job/business arrives by Wednesday or Thursday. More surprising news will come regarding advancing your social status. A short trip is due.

PY5-Financial difficulties are closer to resolution. A plan already underway is showing signs of working. Save as much as you can.

PY6-Relationships and partnerships are put under the microscope. This is a good week for contract negotiations and signings. Written documents become central to an issue.

PY7-The first five days of this week are lazy. There may be lots to do but it will not get done. Take this time to do something fun or pamper yourself. Prepare for a busy weekend.

PY8– An upturn in money flow has you feeling good. Work related problems get addressed. Your respect level at the job increases.

PY9-You begin and complete a process by Saturday. The return for your hard work comes Sunday. Don’t hesitate to start something else up right away. Money matters are encouraging. August looks bright.

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