July 20, 2015

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Aries -World, King of Wands -You will enjoy the energy of this week and the people you encounter. You will be popular over the next few days and be held in high-esteem by those who enjoy your work. Your artistry and creativity get recognized. Money flow is good.

Taurus -Knight of Wands, Page of Pentacles- Finances start to  improve. Money that you are waiting for will finally arrive by Friday or Saturday. If you want to move or change jobs, weigh the pros and cons before doing so. Nevertheless, being able to make that move will take awhile.

Gemini -4 Wands – This is a week for gatherings, socializing meeting new people. Very little work will get done and that’s okay. Enjoy the Summer before it ends.

Cancer -Hermit- This will be a quiet period. Rest up and learn something new. Take an art class or a dance class. Do something special for yourself. Light will be shed on a matter.

Leo -Temperance – Take it easy and watch your health. You may be feeling somewhat out of sorts. Take the time to get yourself centered and personal matters in order.  No pushing or aggression needed. 

Virgo -World, 9 of Pentacles- Financial matters are turning around slowly. You should have seen a slight improvement last week. This week for sure, you will witness progress that will make up for the sparsity earlier this month.

Libra -Page of Pentacles- Money is trickling in slowly but steadily. Unexpected cash could come your way by Friday. Other aspects of your life are experiencing delays. August will be a better month to make things happen.

Scorpio – 4 of Cups Reversed – If you have been going through a period of stagnation, you will get a break. An offer may come your way, but you will have to work hard to go out and get it. If you are feeling restless,  get active.

Sagittarius -Star- Divine intervention will take place. You don’t have much to worry about. What you can’t get a handle on will be handled for you. Stay grounded and humble.

Capricorn -8 of Wands, Hanged Man- You will gain a certain momentum but then be forced to stop dead in your tracks. Frustrating yes, but necessary regarding timing. The block will be removed next week so you can continue on.

Aquarius -Star – The “Star” is the Tarot equivalent of Aquarius. When this card pops up very little can go wrong. You are favored by the cosmos. So your plans and goals will get a boost. Finances look strong. And people will be more agreeable.

Pisces -Ace of Swords – You will be analyzing more than usual. Thinking and re-thinking strategy and your goals. New ideas will come to you! Make sure you do thorough planning before jumping into action. What you do come up with is viable.

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PY1 – Useful information comes to you early in the week. You already had a hunch as to what was coming. This news will be helpful in bringing July to a close on a good note.

PY2-You won’t see it coming, but positive developments will take place regarding home and finances. Ignore loud, obnoxious people.

PY3– Money flow picks up most likely because of your entrepreneurial efforts. Also, new ways to make money open up. Follow up on all leads.

PY4– You are feeling grounded and lots of ideas are swirling in your head. Next month will be a better time for action. Right now, just keep notes and do research. Money flow is okay.

PY5– An issue or situation could end abruptly. This may come as a surprise but life happens. In the long run, it was meant to be. Keep moving forward.

PY6– Slow and steady wins the race. This week may drag on but progress is still being made. Keep your mind active with fun things and  your energy up with exercise. Cash flow is good.

PY7– There are aspects of this week that you will be temporarily unhappy with. Perhaps there is some disillusionment taking place. You thought one thing and something completely different happened. This is to show you that it’s important to see life at 360 degrees. However, all is not lost. New developments taking place will leave you with a smile on your face.

PY8– Short trips can be planned now. Finances see a  slight uptick. You will be able to purchase small items that you have had your eye on and still remain within your budget.

PY9– On to the next, is your catch phrase this week. Some things will be shutting down which comes as a relief to you. You get to explore bigger and better options. This has been a high pressure cycle but you have come to the end of it. Money flow is better.

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