July 6, 2015

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Aries – Lovers, 7 Wands- For those that are single, you are doing well in the dating department. Continue as you have been and this Summer could prove to be most rewarding in securing a long time partner.

Taurus -Hierophant – You will be THE focus in the coming days. Lots of attention will be bestowed upon you. Your insights and knowledge will be sought out. On the same note, you will analyze your own belief systems and lifestyle. Any answers you seek will have to come from you. No one knows you better than you.

Gemini -Ace of Wands – Career and interests continue to dominate. You get to put first what you are passionate about. There are lots of new people and positive situations entering into your life. This is an eye opening experience. Don’t be afraid to upgrade your thinking based on new information.

Cancer -Judgement- You are spiritually guided more so this period than you have in awhile. A light bulb moment will be had. A problem or two gets solved in a way that only works for you. Finances are solid.

Leo -Temperance – Staying calm will be your saving grace. Don’t allow anything to ruffle your feathers. Tend to health matters. Don’t resist an otherwise slow moving week.

Virgo -8 of Swords – You feel restricted because you don’t have total control. Universal forces do exist and you will have to submit and let them do their job. They will show you are better way to accomplish your goals. There are great things coming that you don’t see now but will soon.

Libra -Ace of wands, 5 of wands, Moon- There is an internal struggle going on. Emotions are running high regarding money, job and life in general. This week will offer up an interesting perspective to help you see things a little differently but also to provide some support.

Scorpio -5 of Pentacles, 6 of Swords – Recovery from financial difficultly and health issues will be the focus this week. Job trouble will also get a helping hand. By week’s end, you should be feeling better about the areas in your life that have gone array.

Sagittarius -Justice- Legal matters get a heads up. Interactions with authority figures turn out better than expected. Solutions to financial matters start to come in.

Capricorn – Wheel of Fortune – You are lucky. This week moves quickly and you will have to keep up with the pace. An unexpected surprise greets you by Saturday. Money flow is great.

Aquarius – Reverse Queen of Swords, 6 of Cups, Hermit – You may have to school someone on matters related to child rearing. Influences or people from the past resurface. This could be good or not so good depending on how you view things. Synchronicity is strong.

Pisces -2 of Swords – You are doing well at building a foundation and staying on top of what’s important. Financial matters are getting a much needed makeover.

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PY1 -This week will test you mentally. Staying upbeat and optimistic will be challenging but by Friday  you should find your balance again. Legal matters, corporate matters arise but should be resolved soon. Money flow is ok.

PY2– A young woman will be helpful to you especially when it comes to job leads. It’s ok to accept help once in awhile you need it this week. Finances are good.

PY3– Your instincts are on point when it comes to your life and money making potential.  Pay attention to the conversations going on around you. There is information you can pick-up that will help you. Call backs for jobs and potential clients start Tuesday.

PY4– This will be a week of ideas and creativity. You will spend most of it re-cooperating from last week and exploring more efficient ways of getting things done. Home updates and renovations come into focus later on in the week. Watch your bank account closely.

PY5– Tensions are at an all time high. Especially as it relates to housing or legal matters. You will have to fight this battle. However, you can win if you play smart and don’t allow your anger to take over. Save your money.

PY6-Emotions run high Monday and Tuesday. By Wednesday you should be calm and feeling like your usual self. It’s time you take up a hobby or vocation to help you relax and release the stress and tension you have been under. The answers  you need come in a relax state.

PY7– Don’t cling to past conflicts. Don’t focus on the bad stuff that happened either. Arguing is not worth the stress. Let go of the hurt feelings and anger. You will feel much better if you do. Good feelings usher in more happiness. Money is ok.

PY8– Interesting information comes by Friday that can help you see a situation in a new light. If you are looking for a sign or encouragement to make that final move, it’s coming. Now is the time to do what you have been planning to. Don’t let fear stop you. Your finances look solid.

PY9– Things have stalled again and will stay that way until around Thursday or Friday. Next week is a better week for activity. Keep yourself calm and re-focus your attention elsewhere until this lull passes. Stay on top of your fiances.

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