June 29, 2015

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Aries -3 of Cups, Justice , 4 Wands  – You are doing a good job of managing your time and the people in your life. You will enjoy the company you keep and get to spend good times with them. Weddings, engagements, formal affairs round out this week. Any legal issues will be decided in your favor.

Taurus -2 of Pentacles – You will need to keep a close eye on your finances and other important matters. They can easily get out of hand. Remind yourself not to get out of sorts. Stay calm and grounded.

Gemini -Wheel of Fortune, Ace of Pentacles, 8 of Swords – You may not see it but you do have options now that Mercury shadow phase is over. Your head is much clearer. Your luck is changing and you feel it. Finances improve later this week.

Cancer– Chariot, 8 of Pentacles- Money flow is good now that Mercury shadow phase is over. Money that you have been waiting for will come through, i.e  loans, grants, checks, etc. This is also a good career week. If you are a job seeker, positive responses will come. At work, if you are leading a team, they will be most cooperative.

Leo -9 of Pentacles – Finances in general look good. Side income is strongly emphasized. If you have been working on making extra money or a solo business you will make progress.

Virgo -The Magician – You can breath a sigh of relief being that your ruling planet Mercury is no longer in Shadow Phase, which wrecked havoc on your communication devices.  Manifestation will be strong in the next few days as what you lost will be replaced.

Libra – Knight of Cups- When it comes to romantic pursuits you are on the right track. It may be moving slower than you would like but this is best. Attached Libras must continue to work on their relationship. Career and money look to be in a good place at the moment.

Scorpio -3 of Pentacles, 10 of Wands -You are struggling to see things through to the finish, get projects done and personal goals met. Saturn Retrograde in your sign might be the culprit. This won’t last long. July will be a time to move ahead and accomplish what’s been lagging behind.

Sagittarius -4 of Swords, 9 of Wands- No need to be aggressive or force an issue.  If people are impatient with you ignore it. Release the pressure you feel with exercise. If you are overwhelmed with responsibilities, delegate some of the work or just put it on the back burner.

Capricorn – Death- Change is upon you. Whether you want it or not, life is stepping in to shake things up and give you that push you need. Otherwise, you have a tendency to become complacent.

Aquarius -Ace of Cups, 5 of Wands -Disturbances and disagreements pop up once again. When it comes to dating, no need to get worked up. Let the energy flow and see where it leads. Don’t put any undo pressure on yourself about relationships or any other matter. Time is on your side.

Pisces -Ace of Wands -This will be a good week to initiate new projects and businesses; take classes, start a new exercise regime. Pursue your passions. No need to focus on one thing.  Money flow is good.

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PY1 – Dating opportunities increase. Lots of attention and love will be thrown your way. Professional partnerships and business negotiations come into play starting mid-week. The new month will put a positive spin on what otherwise has been a difficult few weeks.  July will be an 8 personal month for you. Which means it will be drastically different from the quirky, puzzling 7 month of June. Health issues start to improve.

PY2– Don’t allow the fear of others to stop you from what your gut is telling you to do. Everyone’s experiences are different. What works for one may not work for another. Some of the tension and sadness will start to leave as July rolls in.

PY3– Career/business get a cosmic helping hand. If projects were delayed earlier this month, they will start to move mid-week. News about job transitions or offers are likely. Go with your instincts.

PY4– This week is about graduating to the next level. You have proven yourself and now it’s time for a change. July will help you foster those major shifts.

PY5– Emotional attachments are a hindrance. Life is urging you to move in a different direction but you are resisting. A 5 personal year is about major change. This will set you up for a great 2016.

PY6– It’s time for you to detach from all that is restricting you. If you’re fixated on a particular thing, person or situation, it is time to let go! It serves you no purpose. July will help you do just that.

PY7– You are at war with yourself. Depression and or loneliness has set in. The 7 personal year has that affect.  There is inspiration coming on Thursday/Friday. July is a 5 personal month, although it will be hectic, it will also be life-giving unlike June.

PY8– Your mind may be playing tricks on you regarding a money situation. Or at least it appears that way especially after the tumultuous Mercury Retrograde and shadow phase. Finances got away from you. But they will stabilize.  You may want to stay on top of your cash flow and your bank accounts.

PY9-Worry has been consuming you during the Mercury Retrograde and Shadow Phase.  The next several days will go to work to restore your energy and faith. Issues with work, career, business and romantic partnerships start to improve. The anxiety will slowly subside.

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