June 22, 2015

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Aries -5 of Swords – Tempers are flaring, words are biting. This could be with other people or you are at war with yourself. Either way, it is a period that should end by Saturday. The Retrograde Shadow Phase is still causing confusion. So, don’t take anything personally.

Taurus -Emperor, 8 of Swords – Continue to ignore people who attempt to exert power over you. This approach will demonstrate you are not a pushover and will decrease your stress levels. There is a monetary opportunity on the way that you are unaware of. It should arrive by Sunday.

Gemini -Fool, Chariot – You want to rush into something without giving it much thought. In this case, go with your heart. The Universe has your back. If you think to much the opportunity will pass you by.

Cancer -2 of Pentacles- Balance is important, especially when finances are involved. Create a budget and stick to it.  Be sure the decisions you make are based on truth and not what you suspect. Your intuition may be a little off so you need to go with fact and logic.

Leo -Knight of Cups, 6 of Cups, Sun – An old flame from the past is likely to return. There is a good chance for a reconnection or reconciliation. Good news or information about young people in your circle of friends or family will leave you happy.

Virgo -3 of Swords, Ace of Cups – Dating or a potential new partnership may not work out to your liking. Move past any minor disappointments. All is not lost. August is your time for love and money.

Libra -5 of Swords- Either you or the people around you are hot-headed. Do your best to maintain your composure. Defend yourself but don’t escalate the matter. You will be heard loud and clear. The Retrograde Shadow phase is still causing lots of  miscues.

Scorpio -Moon, 2 of Wands – Your psychic abilities are strong. They will reveal an interesting path that is good for you, if you decide to take it. Follow your gut and don’t get overly emotional or apprehensive.

Sagittarius -8 of Wands – You will be busy and productive over the next 7 days. Travel and career comes into heavy play. You will make a slight advancement in your chosen career field.

Capricorn – Reversed Queen of Pentacles – You need to pay more attention to your home and to the subtle beauty around you. The inspiration you need is there, you just need to see it! Getting your home in order and the people who live in it is key to your solace.

Aquarius -7 of Cups – Your head is in the clouds. You need to ground yourself and streamline your thoughts and daily routine. Stay focused on what’s important and do not get distracted.

Pisces -Death, Knight of Swords -Your energy and your thoughts are off-center. You need to redefine important aspects of your life, i.e your spirituality.  The slow but steady transformation you are experiencing will continue for some time. You are not as active as you should be. But, once July arrives, that will change.

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PY1 – Plenty of strong forward moving energy surrounding you. You are drawing in that 8 personal month vibration from July (which will be a dynamic month). The static but high pressure 7 personal month energy is leaving. You have passed one level and moving on to the next. A short trip may happen this week.

PY2– Travel, shifts at work or in business will pepper the next few days. It will be a fast moving week with lots of developments and chaotic energy. Money flow should be good.

PY3– It is not as bad as it seems. You are actually doing better than expected. A small gift from the Universe will arrive by Saturday to lift your spirits.

PY4– The Retrograde Shadow phase is ending and you are feeling more relaxed and content. This week will not bring anything exceptional but nevertheless, you will enjoy it and find yourself smiling a lot.

PY5– This is a good week for dating and finding new romance, if you are looking. Someone could come out of the blue and prove to be a great person. You are at the midway point of a long but good journey. This slow pace transition will end next month.

PY6– Health issues need more attention. If you are suffering with something, it is not as bad as it could be. So be thankful for that. The answers are out there,  you have to be studious and research. If you are feeling melancholy, feel free to do what makes you happy but also what’s good for you.

PY7-Take this time to heal. You are not at your peak energy and this is wearing on your emotional and physical health. You are wanting to do everything at once but the energy of this month is not allowing that. This is a time for planning. Don’t allow the pressure to get to you.  You will have to wait until July to move things ahead.

PY8-After much debating and weighing the pros and cons, a decision will be made that is solid and right for you. The end game will be satisfaction. Older women in your life get the help they need. Talk to those you trust to relieve pressure and stress. Don’t hold it in.

PY9– This will be one of your best weeks this year. The feeling of being relaxed, not worrying and most importantly not stressing over what you can’t control gives you peace of mind. Finances look strong. If you are single, this could be a good time to meet someone special.

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