June 15, 2015

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Aries – 6 of pentacles, Queen of Wands- You are receiving lots of helping hands. People are stepping up to the plate to  make sure you are okay. It’s nice to be thought about. Money you have lent out will be repaid. Strained relationships with the women in your life are looking up. This goes for both male and female Aries.

Taurus -Ace of Wands – It will be refreshing to see brand new elements entering your life. That goes for material things, as well as, people and possibly love if you are wanting it. You get to spend time on projects that are important to you.

Gemini – 5 of Cups, The High Priestess-Older women in your life bring you sadness. Your intuition is trying to warn you of health issues. Pay Attention. It will take a few more days for you to get back on track after the Mercury Retrograde.

Cancer – Wheel of Fortune- You are lucky. Feel free to purchase a scratch-off or a lottery ticket. Remember what goes down must come up!!! This week will fly by quickly. So make the best of it and enjoy yourself.

Leo -Page of Pentacles – The slow pace this week will frustrate you but a small amount of unexpected money will arrive to counterbalance the anxiousness.

Virgo -4 of Cups, 9 of Pentacles -You will have to view life as the glass half full. Perspective is everything. Financially, a situation may not have gone as you had hoped but you will still do well.

Libra-5 of Pentacles-You will slowly start to recover from health related problems. Money trouble will receive help. Job related conflicts or stress will lessen.

Scorpio – 9 of Cups- “Happy” will be your buzz word. Mentally and emotionally this will be a pleasant week. Daily life will seem to just work out without much effort on your part.

Sagittarius -The Tower, 8 of Cups- When things don’t work out don’t get stuck on what could have been. Move on quickly to the next thing.

Capricorn -6 of Swords – Take it slow. Make sure your health is stable and take care of any ailments you have. If you can, take a relaxing excursion. There may be an event that you will have to face alone. You will be fine.

Aquarius -Queen of Swords, 4 of Swords, Sun – Even warriors and princess warriors need a break sometime. You will be able to take time for yourself. A situation you have been struggling with will end on a good note.

Pisces -5 of Wands, Fool – You may be fighting a losing battle or the battle you have chosen to fight is not worth it. Are you being to sensitive? Sometimes it’s easier to just walk away.

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PY1 –  Your premonitions and precognitive dreams are materializing now and will continue to do so for weeks.  Many of the ambitions, projects and goals you thought would never manifest are starting to. You will like this week a lot. Keep your intentions pure. Remove any envy or jealousy you have and this will increase your vibrations so you can manifest even faster.

PY2– A bright spot is on the way and you don’t see it coming. When it arrives you are going to be grateful for it. If you have a new idea to make money this is the time to go for it.

PY3– The Universe is opening up a chance for you to increase your business or advance in your job. Stay level-headed.  It’s up to you to sort out the details. For those that are job-hunting, this week will prove to be productive in getting call backs and landing interviews.

PY4– You may have suffered a set-back. But you will learn something you didn’t know before that could help you move further faster. No need to be upset, there is something called Divine Timing -Which is always perfect.

PY5– You are at a crossroads but it will not phase you as this week brings fun and social gatherings. Networking and increasing your social circle is the focal point. Interesting conversations give you insightful information to research later.

PY6-You will not have to wait as long as originally thought for a return on investments or loans. Documents, news, information anything that is being withheld will be released by the end of the week.

PY7– If you are single, this could prove to be an inspiring week in the love department. A potential romantic interest could come unexpectedly. In terms of work life or personal life, there could be a postponement. But nothing to be concerned about.

PY8-You can see the next level and you are close to getting there. This is a confidence booster. Remain ethical and all will work out as you had hoped.

PY9-This week will be stop and go. The middle of the week will be the go period but then things slow down  around Friday. Normal flow should resume next week. You will learn of some information that was being withheld that could shine the light on a matter.

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