June 8, 2015

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Aries – Lovers – People will be expressive about their feeling for you and vice versa. Connecting with individuals on a deeper level is important and therapeutic for you.

Taurus – 4 Swords – Take it easy. This is not the time for aggression or forcefulness. Allow matters to happen naturally because trying to make them happen will backfire.

Gemini – 7 of Cups – Stay grounded and focused. You have a tendency to get caught up in fantasy. That will only lead to disappointment.

Cancer – 10 of Wands and 7 of Pentacles – There’s a chance you will have to struggle a little while longer in order to get the desired outcome. But the outcome will be what you want.

Leo – 3 of Cups – Your duty this week is to have fun and celebrate. Enjoy meeting new people, networking and building a name for yourself. Extend a helping hand to those who need it. Mend any broken relationships that are meaningful.

Virgo – 9 of Cups – Despite the Mercury Retrograde, you will find it possible to be happy and smile. One good thing will happen that will restore your hope. There are indeed some great aspects to Life, it is not always a struggle.

Libra– Hierophant – Tradition, religion, efficiency, family and structure are becoming central in your life.

Scorpio – 3 of Pentacles- You have taken on new duties or a new venture and will begin to see positive results develop. Your progress will continue to grow from here.

Sagittarius – King of Pentacles and Hermit- You have been studying and learning mostly about finances and business. After the Mercury Retrograde, it will be time to apply your knowledge and take action.

Capricorn – 3 of Cups – New people enter into your life. They bring positive energy and lots of laughs. They may also bring information that could help with creative projects. It’s all about who you know. The Universe will help you get to know the right people.

Aquarius -Hierophant and World- You will finally score a much needed success. This may just be the break you have been waiting for to assist in personal goals. Help from people in authority positions is possible. Legal cases/matters turn out positive.

Pisces -7 of Swords – You have to keep a close watch over your thoughts. Your mind could indeed be playing tricks on you. Concerns about lost or sabotage from others may be real but you can circumvent that by staying aware of what’s going on and asking for proof.

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PY1 – Money matters score a much needed victory. You will be pleased when financial issues take a turn for the better despite being so erratic for the past several months. Rent, Mortgage, Debt get positive attention and resolution.

PY2-Take no action when it comes to family matters or issues from the past that have resurfaced. Follow your instincts and the problems will abate on their own. Go with your heart when it comes to pursuing a goal from the past. But know you will have to dedicate yourself to it, if you are to be successful.

PY3– Financial issues come into play. A job doesn’t pan out or a client falls through. Take a step back and know that all is not lost. Some issues may get resolved after the Mercury Retrograde. Relationship matters are at a standstill. Take no action. Ride out this Retrograde and when the dust settles you will have a clearer view of what to do.

PY4–  There are a few things that are working out for you and that has you in an upbeat, optimistic mood. Not much can go wrong this week and if it does it will not slow you down.

PY5– Something that you didn’t see coming may catch you off guard but will actually turn out to work in your favor at the work place or your place of business.

PY6– Positive developments take place on the home and job front. Some you thought were unlikely to happen but will start taking shape.

PY7– You are getting a reprieve from the stagnation. Your luck factor is high. This week, brings a nice energy regarding new personal pursuits and changes at work. Projects and causes you are passionate about become a focus and move forward.

PY8– You may be tired of having to carry other people’s burdens. Feel free to drop them without any regrets especially if the gesture is not reciprocated. The heavy pressure you feel will start to lighten up.

PY9– A small amount of unexpected money is on the way. A new job will open up that you will be interested in. A new way to make money could also be presented to you. Do not get sidetracked by negative people or gossip. Keep your pace.

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