June 1, 2015

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Aries – 3 Cups – Socializing, meeting new people. romantic and platonic connections. Fun and high art are interests.

Taurus – 7 Cups- Feeling lots of pressure, confusion and maybe some isolation. Time to redirect that heavy energy into something positive. Concentrate on what you enjoy. Everything else will take care of itself.

Gemini – Lovers – Romantic connections are highlighted. Expressing love and receiving love are both important. Make sure there is that balance.

Cancer – Knight of Wands – Busy. Productive. Moving or making changes to home. Positive shifts take place at work and in business.

Leo – 2 of Cups- Dating will be your strong suit in the next few days. Recognize the difference between authenticity and phoniness.

Virgo – 7 of Wands- Long journeys, health and successful completion of a cycle are spotlighted.

Scorpio – 2 of Cups – New dating pools, good people, fun connections are the target until Saturday.

Sagittarius – Queen of Wands- Stability, humbleness and understanding will bring about a positive reaction in others towards you.

Capricorn – 9 of Wands – Concern clouds your thinking. Break out of the mental and emotional shackles and do what works for you.

Aquarius – 7 of Swords – Tensions rise this week. You may go full force and take no prisoners. It will be warranted.

Pisces – Lovers – Serious courtship and human connections are strong. Soul expression, sophistication and personal expression will feed your spirit.

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PY1 – Health and emotional stability are taking a front seat. Getting yourself balanced and recharging from a hectic but enlightening May will do you a world of good and help usher in a productive and calmer June. A continuation of the revelations and truth telling going on with and around you will carry on until the end of the retrograde.

Personal Month 7 – This will be a quiet, self-introspective month. Learning is emphasized.

Money will be fine. You might feel a bit isolated. But you will be able to get centered.

PY2– You are overly concerned and preoccupied with a matter that is out of your control. Release it and it will resolve itself or someone else who can assist, will.

Personal Month 8 – Recovery from last month. Money is the focus. Keep a close watch on your finances. Problems get concrete, earthly resolution.

PY3–  Pleasant is the word for 3’s this week. Business meetings, appointments, planned events go smoothly. Romantic relationships receive healing energy. You are becoming better known for the work you do.

Personal Month 9 – Strong people attraction. Helping others. Better cash flow.

PY4– New money comes your way in the form of grants, loans, stipends, dividends etc. You get an unexpected helping hand. Bosses/Supervisors are more willing to listen and provide support if you should ask.

Personal Month 1 – You are the main focus. Pressure to get things done quickly. Good money flow.

PY5– You are being prompted to see a situation from a different perspective. What you are feeling right now maybe clouding your vision of what’s real. This applies especially if romance is involved. If you are thinking about expanding your family you have the greenlight to go.

Personal Month 2 – Slower pace. Intense thought on love and relationships. Bonding. Finances need to be watched closely.

PY6– Your mood will brighten up in a few days. Right now you are seeing the glass half empty instead of half full. A pleasant surprise will restore your faith in people.

Personal Month 3 – Family, creativity and art are your muses. Bank account is stable.

PY7– Your money making potential increases. Financially, this is a good week to purchase a few items that you need. Someone who is available to help you is waiting for you to ask. Business Deals, contract negotiations, meetings, conferences, expos that take place will go well. Try not to sign anything until after June 11th when Mercury goes direct.

Personal Month 4 – Get organized. Good Idea month. Low energy. Not much action. Lot’s of planning.

PY8– It’s time to leave it behind you and start anew. If you have been thinking about making a literal or figurative move now is the time to do so. All will fall into place once you make the final decision to do so. This includes severing ties with people and situations that are holding you back. Or habits and lifestyles that are not good for you.

Personal Month 5 – Money is the main topic. Freedom. Scatter brained. Chaos. Intense emotion. Things fall apart only to come together again.

PY9– Either you are preoccupied with a person/situation or feel trapped in a matter and feel you can’t free yourself from it. You will be able to. Help or an idea will come to help you overcome your restrictive situation.

Personal Month 6 – There is a fixation on romance and building family or maintaining a current family. Changes to the home and schedules take place. Money is good.

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