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PY1– Your plans may be put on hold during this retrograde period. Progress you were making is at a standstill. Just before or right after June 11, when Mercury goes direct, things will return to normal. You will be able to proceed. Money flow will pick up soon.

PY2 – Progress is being made regarding your familial and romantic relationships. Healing is taking place pertaining to unresolved issues of your past. People closest to you are listening and paying attention to what you have to say. Money is somewhat of a struggle during this period. June will be better.

PY3 – You should feel better as emotional baggage is being released and you feel much lighter and happier. If you are planning to make some changes at work or ask for a raise,this is the week to do it. Yes, despite the retrograde. It is time to initiate financial plans.

PY4 – It will be an intense couple of days, but the chaos will settle down by Wednesday. Many demands are being made of you. However, you are the only person for the job(s). You have the skill set to move things forward.  You will be compensated in some form or fashion for your work.

PY5– The retrograde will work in your favor to re-arrange aspects of your life and bring you the desired result. You will be luckier than most this week. If you want to, don’t hesitate to take action and be aggressive. Your communications skills are top-notch and highly effective. Money should be good.

PY6– There are several wands in your spread for this week. Which means passion will drive much of the energy for the next 7 days. New ideas, new ventures, news starts, new friends etc etc will be the focus. However, be careful not to be confrontational. No need to force your views on others. Finances are solid.

PY7– Plans fell through. Or a person was unreliable. Perhaps there was a disagreement. All is not lost. Help will come in the next few days. Other people in your circle will step up to the plate as they should. Financial assistance is on the horizon. The week will end better than it started.

PY8– Everything seems to be held up. Which is beyond frustrating. You will have to power through this period and hold out until after the retrograde is over on June 11th. Try not to let people disappoint you. It’s a trying time for many. Money comes in at a good pace.

PY9 – Balance and recovery is the focus for this time. You are in a healing phase. Life seems to move slow but not for long. A possible new romantic attraction will hit you by the end of the week. This will add spice and intrigue to your life. Cash is a point of contention. But will improve after the retrograde.

SUN SIGNS – MAY 25, 2015

Aries – 4 of Pentacles – Stability is the focus in a time when finances are in question. You will be able to meet your needs.

Taurus– 7 of Cups – Confusions, worry and struggle are the topics for this week. Your mantra should be “everything always works out, eventually”. Because it does. All phases, be it difficult or easy, come in cycles.

Gemini – King of Pentacles -Ways of saving money or increasing money come to you at this time. Take heed and implement the ideas you receive.

Cancer – 3 of Swords – Someone may disappoint you but at some point you may have disappointed someone else. Take it all in-stride.

Leo – 10 of Wands – Struggle still seems to be the name of the game for you. The challenges will get easier because you will be experienced at overcoming them. There will be a break coming for you soon.

Virgo – Fool – It’s about starting anew. Releasing the worry and having faith that the cosmos still favor you. They have not forgotten you during this challenging period. A new time is upon you.

Libra– 10 of Swords- An end is coming to an aspect of your life. This is always the sign of a new beginning. You get to start anew and make life better.

Scorpio – Empress- Female energy and creative energy are strong. This will be an impressive 7 days. The end game is joy.

Sagittarius – Moon – Your psychic energy is strong. But so is your emotional energy. You will have to learn how to remain neutral. You may also hear the word “NO” a lot. But that will change soon.

Capricorn – 6 of Pentacles – Your financial flow is good this week. If you are asked for help. Give it!

Aquarius – 6 of Wands – If you are feeling stuck. Things will start moving. Partnerships both business and romantic are highlighted.

Pisces – King of Pentacles – It will be easier for you to make money. You are constantly enterprising. Don’t stop. One of your ideas will pay off.

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