May 18, 2015

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PY1 – You start the retrograde period with Love heavy on your mind. During week one, the romance department will be slow moving. But you will get flirtatious attention from all sorts of interesting people. Later this month, great opportunities for dating or a reconciliation is strong. All is not lost if you still haven’t found the one.  The Universe is working to bring you the right partner. Money flow should be decent.

PY2 – You are sad or disheartened by some of your rocky relationships. A few have fallen apart but there will be a coming together after the Retrograde period has ended. You will finally bare fruit from your diligent work from last year. Finances see an uptick.

PY3 – You will not notice this retrograde period, at least not the first week of it. Your social life will continue to go strong and people are drawn to your energy.  Some will judge you out of jealousy/envy but don’t let that phase you. Money flow will be so so. Don’t make business decisions based on anything other than CONCRETE information.

PY4 – Platonic and romantic relationships with the women in your life grow closer and more stable. There is an understanding and a comfort level that will be reached. For those that are single, your dating life is steadily picking up. Relax and have faith you will attract the one.  Finances are solid.

PY5 – During the retrograde, life will force you to focus on fun and increasing your social circle. Emotions  run high at various times but close friends will calm you down. View life at 360 degrees not from a birds eye view. Cash flow looks good.

PY6 – A sweet opportunity you didn’t see coming will arrive by Saturday. You are showing progress and confidence in your work life. The people around you see the growth and respect it. Raises and bonuses will be approved but will not show-up until June or July. Money this week comes in increments. 

PY7 – A few bizarre moments will be had at the start of the retrograde. Some will make you laugh but nothing will upset your week. You are learning how to maintain a solid work/life balance. Which reduces stress. Work related problems are closer to being resolved. You are secretly admired for your many talents. Money flow will be even and steady.

PY8 – The retrograde will not affect you much. You start the week off energetic. Communication will be smooth and no delays. Love and relationships are looking more promising. Positive shifts in your job will increase your visibility factor.

PY9 – You receive money owed you but may lend it out again. Think twice about doing that. Don’t be guilted into loaning anyone money. Don’t hesitate to say “NO”. Concentrate on using this Mercury retrograde to increase your circle of friends and business associates.




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