May 11, 2015

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PY1 – Your Luck factor is high. This week will flow quickly and efficiently. Health matters improve. Be open to alternative ways of healing your body. Also, listen to your body as it will tell you what it needs. This is a good week to negotiate with financial institutions on better payment plans or lowering Credit Card APR rates.

PY2 РThis is another good week for financial matters. You have viable options. There are ways to save  money and pay down debt. Prioritize and put yourself first.

PY3– If you are expecting a payout it will come. Tax or IRS matters will be resolved in your favor. Court rulings and litigation look positive. Debts you owe can be paid off gradually. Use your creative mind to get out of tight spots.

PY4 – Forgiveness is something you will be thinking about doing when it comes to old friendships, relatives and past relationships. Forgotten loves resurface. If they have changed, the timing may be right to give them a second chance. Be tactful and mature in how you deal with people.

PY5 – Confusion about real estate and money matters can send you into a tail spin. A particular person, especially a gentlemen, may either be the source of the chaos or the answer to it. The matter will be resolved soon. Finances are shaky but you will power through.

PY6 – You play babysitter to either children or the elderly. You will get Karma points for making yourself available to those who need you. This week will be quiet. Take this time to reflect. Money flow looks solid.

PY7 РMoney is the number one priority. Cash due you will come, albeit, slow. Other financial matters will stall and not get resolved until later this month. However, you will have enough money coming in to help out.  This is a 7 year, but a 3 personal month for you. Money flow will be good but sporadic.

PY8 – Matters of the heart look positive. If you have met someone, the chances of a relationship forming is possible. Take it slow during the Mercury Retrograde next week. Money comes in small amounts but steady.

PY9 – Friction with others increases because everything is volatile. This is a 5 personal month for you so life is unpredictable and scary. However, it’s also an exciting time and preparation for a new path in 2016. Roll with the punches. Money flow is good.



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