May 4, 2015

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PY1 – This is a 6 Personal Month.  6 is about family and relationships. But it appears Money and Career will be the driving force of May. There will be plenty of time later this year (August) for romance. The intent is to help you feel more comfortable. The first week in May strives to bring more peace of mind as it relates to money. It is safe to make plans again. You don’t have to worry about your plans being torn to shreds like last year. You just have to get through the intensity of the Full Moon on May 4th and from there the week will be prep for an exciting month. Relocation and Travel is strongly indicated for this year.

PY2 -This is a 7 Personal Month. 7 is about spirituality and lessons. However, this first week brings good energy regarding travel and job advancement. You get to celebrate the improvement in your financial outlook.  Health and family concerns are looking up as well.

PY3 – This is a 8 Personal Month. 8 is about money and manifestation. The combination of 3 and 8 is great. You will feel the harmonious vibration of these two magical numbers right away. It should be an easy week. Information and events fall into place without much or any effort on your part. Finances are strong. Your spiritual resolve is solid. 

PY4 – This is a 9 Personal Month. 9 is about endings and helping others. The first week in May will be impactful. You get answers but you will have to let go of old ways, thoughts and possibly people in order to apply your new knowledge. Change is a gift May offers you. Accept it. Money will be slow coming in the first two weeks but it will come.

PY5 – This is a 1 Personal Month for you. 1 is about self and starting anew. May will teach you to relax and trust in a higher intelligence. Mentally you are in overdrive and that won’t work this week. You are encouraged to re-evaluate how you do things at work and at home. Is it the most efficient process? Focus on the smaller things that you can control.

PY6 – This is a 2 Personal Month. 2 is about partnerships. However, The Full Moon will shake things up in the career/job/personal goals arena. You will take on a new task or start a new project.  There is excitement in doing something completely different. You will do well. Just be up for the challenge.

PY7 – This is a 3 Personal Month. 3 is about manifestation, creativity and meeting new people. You will get a chance to explore and experience all three areas this month. The Full Moon on May 4th, will teach you  disciplined in handling your emotions and your reaction to challenging situations. Many times you have to take the high road. The lesson is to trust your intuition. It is always right.

PY8 – This is a 4 Personal Month for you. 4 is about organization and planning. You get to turn a new leaf this month. You are energized and feeling optimistic. Great ideas comes to you after the Full Moon on May 4th. Changes to your lifestyle should take effect. You will start seeing results. A new vehicle is also very possible in the next few weeks. Money flow is solid but don’t overspend.

PY9 – This is a 5 Personal Month. 5 is about major change and freedom. Emotions will run high before and after the Full Moon on May 4th. Financial nuisances pop up again. But you will be able to handle them this week and next. Any worry you have will be overridden by the freedom this 5 May offers you.

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