April 27, 2015

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PY1 – There is no looking back now! The new life direction that comes with the 1 vibration is well underway. 2014 is officially behind you and a new 9 year cycle is active. April has been a great month for sparking new ideas. Late May is the time when you will be able to apply your new knowledge. Legal judgements should be handed down by Friday. Disputes with institutions should also end. This week you explore new options, such as, a new house of worship, new bank, investments and job.

PY2 – The focus is job/career. A gamble or risk will pay off! You will see the proceeds from what you have done or plan to do materialize in early May. Gains are made at work or in business. Say what you feel to be true despite what other’s think. The work you are doing is important.

PY3 – You usually like doing things your way. This time, someone else may have a more effective plan. See the strategy through to the end.  There is strong potential it will work. Nothing will be lost. If there is a love interest you are weary about, give him/her time to show you who they truly are. Time always reveals the truth. Meeting new people in the unlikeliest of places will be a blessing in disguise.

PY4 – Your instincts are sharp about money and career. News and information is forthcoming about advancing faster. Positive shifts at your place of employment are taking place. Reach out to those already established and bring them into your fold. A love interest will develop slowly.

PY5 – Young people play a big role in your life in the next few days. They encourage you to make big moves. Your own intuition has been giving you a heads up on major changes (residence) that are pending. Remember 5 is the year of major changes and freedom. Which is starting to take shape now.

PY6 -The week starts off stagnate. It will be hard to get anything done quickly. However, you will figure out a system that can make your life more manageable.  By Wednesday, the stagnation leaves and the energy starts flowing again. You have options but decisions need to be made by Friday. If you are ready to bring something to an end you can.

PY7– All hell might have broken loose in the last couple of days. The good news is by Wednesday all of that will be over and you can focus on more pleasant matters. The changes that have been taking place thus far are setting you up for a WONDERFUL 2016.

PY8 – There are delays with Tax refunds, the IRS or a payout you have been waiting for. The issue should be resolved within 2 weeks or so. When it comes to work or authority figures, there is a situation that is in limbo. However, some of the parties involved are trustworthy and the matter will be put to rest soon.

PY9 – If you are expecting money to be released to you it will be.  Job changes/advancements will likely occur this week. You have to remain confident. Even if you don’t have the skill set, say YES you can learn as you go. You attract good fortune and good people to you and bring in May with great energy.

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