April 20, 2015

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PY1– Marriage, dating, attraction is what the April 18th New Moon gifts to PY1’s. Travel,
staying active and keeping one’s mind OFF of relationships is the best way to attract a special someone. Positive changes to your job/career are beginning now.

PY2– You will have a reprieve from the financial rut you have been in. This week offers up a chance to make or receive extra money or money that is due you.

PY3 – Creative ideas come to you that can be turned into a business. You may need to seek financial or logistical help from family or friends. The assistance you need will come to make this work.

PY4– You will have to be persistent in matters dealing with the government, banking institutions and possibly medical institutions. Monetary gains are made by the end of the week.

PY5– You will be please with news regarding a new position opening up that you are well suited for. Follow your instincts on this one. News about a birth or pregnancy will come soon.

PY6 – The New Moon bring lots of energy surrounding your work life. Gains will be made regarding your employment. You will like where things are headed. Stay optimistic.

PY7- You are confused about what the right thing is to do. The answer will be loud and clear soon. Career matters take a turn for the better. 2015 is finally looking up.

PY8– Job/Money setbacks have you feeling a little hopeless. News will come by Friday that will have you smiling again and encouraged that 2015 will actually be a good year.

PY9– Money matters are looking better. However, don’t overspend. Stick to your budget. Information about a new residence and/or job will hit you by Friday. Act quickly.



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