April 6, 2015

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PY1 – Housing and banking matters dominate your week. You have to be forceful and demanding to net the desired result. The fire and determination you need is already present. The energy from the Lunar Eclipse this past Saturday, is helping you finalize said issues.

PY2 –¬† The residual Lunar Eclipse energy has propelled your life forward. Good news about career, job and personal goals will come by Saturday. This will truly be a magical week. The feeling of being more stable and having better control over your life is gratifying.

PY3–¬† Noticeable changes regarding your finances will be felt. These changes will be helpful in stabilizing your financial future. The flow of money will be better balanced.

PY4 – Progress feels slow. A small amount of unexpected money will come your way. You will have to shift your perspective in order to get through what seems to be a dragging year. It will pick up soon.

PY5 – Your energy is running low. But your mind is raring to go! Relax and do something enjoyable to take your mind off of your worries. Be careful not to overindulge. A strong female friend with a great sense of humor will be most helpful this period.

PY6 – Family time should be high on the to-do list. You need to finalize business matters. Decisions should be made this week.

PY7– People’s actions may disappoint you but one person still has your back and will come through. Work/Job environments can be improved. Create a space that works for you. Forget the naysayers. Money flow is good.

PY8 – Good news about finances comes soon. You may be waiting for a payout, a loan, grant, etc. The info will be positive.

PY9 РYour head may be in a fog. You are not thinking as clearly as you usually do. That will change by Wednesday or Thursday. You are attracting  a lot of good feminine energy. They can provide helpful information. Money is slow to arrive but it will reach you.



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