March 30, 2015

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PY1April will be a 5 personal month for you which mean projects/goals initiated in March will get a boost in April. Therefore you can reach your end goal sooner. Some projects will actually be completed next month. A Focus on renewing your health and beauty will help energize your appeal to the public. Money flow will be erratic. 

PY1– You will analyze and over-analyze. The answer will come when you are relaxed. The impending full moon eclipse on Saturday will have you on edge throughout the week. You will be relieved by news coming mid-week that will end a long ordeal. Something you thought wasn’t going to happen will surprise you and take shape. Financial matters will be up and down but will even out. Health issues improve.

PY2April is a 6 personal month for you. The focus is on balance, foundation and family. Money flow will be okay. You will find it easier to attract money.

PY2 – An opportunity to go into business or partner with someone already in business will start the month. Travel and changing the course of your life will also be on the table. This will be a good week to make sound decisions on what direction you want your life to take. The Lunar eclipse will help you remove dead weight and obstacles so you can move forward with your plans.

PY3April is a 7 personal month for you. Life will move slower this month than any other month this year. Money making potential can go either way. Being able to manifest quickly will be put on hold until May.

PY3 – Going against the grain and following your own mind is the best course of action. At this point, tradition and old ways of thinking need to be seriously reviewed to determine if they fit your current lifestyle. Take what you need- discard the rest. You have the smarts to wiggle your way out of tight situations. Work your connections. Female friends can help get your foot in the door.

PY4April is a 8 personal month for you. Which is a good number for manifesting money. The pace of this month is fast. You will have a significant amount of work to do, so you won’t have time to rest much. But you will complete many tasks.

PY4 – You get a solid lead on a new job or business venture. This is something you can really sink your teeth into – something you will enjoy. Talks may stall initially, but after the lunar eclipse on Saturday, things will develop to your liking.

PY5 – April is a 9 personal month. This is a good month to connect with new people. Money flow will be good. Chronic health problems get much needed help. This is a good month to tie up any loose ends and put and end to whatever is not suiting you.

PY5 – This week you play catch-up. You will tend to affairs that you have neglected. Visit people you haven’t seen in awhile. You spend the week doing a lot of thinking and sometimes getting emotional about things that happened in the past. Use this down time to rest up and recharge.

PY6- April is a 1 personal month for you. So it will be exciting and eventful. The agenda is to start all over again. Doing things differently. Trying new things.  It’s all about you this month. Money flow will be good. There may be a romantic encounter towards the end of April.

PY6 – This will be a fun week. You get to act like a teenager. Your excitement may annoy the folks close to you. So steer away from confrontation. Matters of the home and residence take center stage. Make sure you have your facts straight.

PY7 – April is a 2 personal month for you. So things will not move as rapidly as you would like. The target goal is reconnecting with people you know and love. Romance is also an important aspect of the 2 vibration. So if you are single or partnered Love will be the focus. Money flow slows down.

PY7 – Stay strong and don’t allow your emotions to get the best of you. You will be more attractive to other people than usual. So if you are single, use this time to your advantage to meet someone special.  Don’t allow younger people who think they know it all to annoy you.

PY8 – April is a 3 personal month. This is a good time to attract money and to manifest your hard work. So whatever projects you started this year should culminate this month. This is also a great time to socialize. People will be coming out of the wood-work wanting to spend time with you.

PY8 – Overall, this will be a good week despite the Lunar eclipse on Saturday. However, that eclipse may have you feeling anxious and high-strung. Be careful in overindulging in things you should not.  Interesting developments take place in your personal life that will make you smile.

PY9 – April is a 4 personal month. You will get organized and have loads of work to do. Re-arrange your home and office. Get a new wardrobe. Money flow will be steady.

PY9 – You will start the week off getting financially organized, paying down debt and reducing monthly expenses.  You get help from grandparents or older people in your life. These same people may also be a source of stress or confusion. You have an entire month to come up with a solution. Don’t sweat it.


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