March 2015

Hello Tina,
I had another dream that scare me I had a dream that i was standing there looking at one big animal and don’t know what he look like he was just big the second one was a pander they were in dirty water at the zoo.
Hi, D.Y.
First off, you REALLY need to get a grip on your emotions and fears in your waking life. You have WAY to much FEAR!!!!! You will have to let that go and have faith.

The a shadow animal you saw signified false fear. there is nothing to be afraid of. The panda represents child like fears and the dirty water means your emotions are to heavy and negative.


Hi Tina,
I am a you-tube subscriber, love your page. I had a dream and wanted to know if you could give me some feedback. This dream happened the night of the solar eclipse and was so vivid that I cant stop thinking about it. In the dream I was wearing shorts and my legs were being stung by so many bee’s. I kept swatting at them, and more would come, and they were crawling up my legs and biting and stinging. I could hear them buzzing and more and more were coming.
It woke me up. Very scary dream. I love bee’s, I love honey. So strange that I would have a dream like that..
Let me know what you think, when you have a minute.
Thank you
Hi D.C.
Bee’s are a wonderful and positive omen. It was funny reading your dream because it says to me that sometimes you don’t always recognize your good fortune so life has to give you a little slap to get your attention. I.e the bee’s stinging!

The dream is foreshadowing opportunities coming your way especially as it relates to career and joy/happiness.

So in the coming months there may be a career change or job change or you may get involved in something you are very passionate about.

Also, if you haven’t been having a happy time, this year will change that and bring changes to your life that will lift your spirits.

Goodluck 🙂

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