March 16, 2015

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***URANUS WILL SQUARE PLUTO TODAY*** For More Info Visit:–7th-Plu-by-Cathy-Lynn-Pagano-1960s_Astrology_Autumnal-Equinox_Cosmic-Gaia-150315-810.html

***SUPERMOON SOLAR ECLIPSE March 20*** For More Info Visit:

PY1 – Focus on yourself and your needs. Giving to much attention to the needs of others will drain you. Work on your budget and figure out where you can save the most money. You will have an “aha” moment that could really help set things on the right track. Your psychic abilities impress you.

PY2 – Be careful about loaning money to people you probably won’t get it back. On the flip side, if you are owed money you will receive it. Your finances increase slightly. Arguments with significant others worry you. Things can be patched up!

PY3 – You are not sure of what to do next. Should you go or should you stay? The answers will come after the Solar Eclipse on March 20th. However, there is energy pulling you away from your current situation.

PY4 – You may have to be more forceful in order to get things accomplished. You will get help from the Uranus square Pluto transit. Despite it all, you will be pleased with how this week turns out. The women in your life show you much support. 

PY5 – You will do well monetarily under the intense transits taking place this week. News about a job, new client or bonus of some kind will reach you by the end of the week. This helps you get your footing back.

PY6 – You may be looking to change residence or do something different with your current abode. Go with what feels good and brings you the most pleasure. Now is the time to make those changes.

PY7 – Romantic situations get re-evaluated. The outcome looks positive. Financial matters see an upturn. The eclipse on March 20th will help bring new energy and new hope into your life.

PY8 – You may feel isolated. Take this time to study yourself. Your luck will turn around after the Uranus square Pluto transit which may be an intense period for you emotionally.

PY9 – If you want to are not, you will be guided on how to make the best of your personal relationships. Especially romantic. If you have had a difficult time making friends, you will get some insight as to why and how to remedy the problem. This is a good week to work on contracts and to negotiate with credit card and mortgage companies.



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