March 9, 2015

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PY1– This is a week where you will have to stay on top of matters and be blunt and stern when dealing with large corporations regarding your finances and items that belong to you. Otherwise, you will not get results. Changes regarding your cash flow will manifest and ultimately be good in the long run.

PY2 – You have more tools and abilities now to improve your earning potential. Money flow is good this week. It’s time you begin a healing process. Move past any hurt, trauma and pain.

PY3 – Finances are looking better than ever. Job/business change is on the way. You should hear back from headhunters and others you have contacted. A possible offer may come by the end of the week. You will be busy with many things related to career and travel.

PY4 – Slow your roll. Don’t be in such a rush to tell people off or do everything on your own. Frustrations set in because projects aren’t moving fast enough. They will start to after the Solar Eclipse on March 2oth!

PY5 – Financial gain is the theme for the next seven days. If you are owed money by the government you should receive it within the next two weeks. Any other monies you are expecting should arrive this month.

PY6 – Relationships and partnerships take a turn for the better. More happiness and understanding is taking place. You and those that are close to you are starting anew. This time on the right track. Take time to celebrate.

PY7 – Additional ideas on how to boost your income dawn on you. If one way falls through, you will have others. Good news regarding your income reaches you by Friday.

PY8 – Someone is due an apology. If you owe someone, do something thoughtful to make things right. Watch your health. Don’t overindulge in food and drink.

PY9 – You are feeling creative and inspired when it comes to career/life purpose. You will get signs that you are on the right track. Doors will open up and things will fall into place easily. Go with the momentum.


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