March 2, 2015

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PY1– Life returns to normal. You are able to get organized. You learn something interesting that will help you achieve health, fitness and financial goals.

PY2 – You come face to face with bigotry. But someone with a good heart and open mind gives you faith in the human race again. For those that are single, a good match for you is someone involved in the creative/tech industry or the not-for-profit field.

PY3 – Be careful not to let your ambition own you. Learn to detach from things you have no control over. A surprise at the end of the week will help get your March started off right!

PY4 – Finances look much better. Assistance from a relative or female friend will come your way. The week will turn out much better than you had thought.

PY5 – Quiet time is important for you to connect with your soul. If you do that, you will have revelations that will help ease some of the tension you have been experiencing. Spiritually, this will be an intriguing week.

PY6 – Partnerships, fun and job advancement are the center of attention. This is a good week to date new people and begin a job search. Your initiatives will be well received.  Actual job changes could take place by week’s end.

PY7– Money matters come first.  The plan you set in motion will pan out. Your work pays off and you are able to meet your expenses in the nick of time. This will be one of the few months that will be busy for you. You are able to get things done and see results.

PY8– When it comes to legal/tax issues you make progress. In other aspects of your life, there is someone giving you help. You may run into some road blocks but they will be cleared up by next week.

PY9 – This is going to be a golden 7 days for you. Encouraging developments occur in career and personal goals. Make sure you don’t get stuck on something that happened in the past. Keep moving forward. This week proves to be a healing period. An unexpected excursion could pop up as well.


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