February 23, 2015

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PY1 – A payout is on the way. Money you have been expecting is due to arrive this week. Female energy is strongly associated with making this happen. So you get to breath a sign of relief when it comes to banking matters.

PY2– You are starting to see progress with your projects. However, you are still very much in the learning stage so continue to take in as much information as you can. It will help you down the road. You get to step out on faith. People applaud your bravery.

PY3 – Your attention to detail is getting in the way of your progress. You seem frustrated that things are not working out as you planned despite your hard work. At this point, you need to let the Universe take over and do it’s part to manifest your vision. Your creativity will pay off.

PY4 – Major institutions play a big role in your life at the moment, causing distress. The outcome will be in your favor.  Stay strong.

PY5 – The end of a difficult situation is upon you. You have come to an end of a cycle. Do not allow people to draw you into a situation that is detrimental.

PY6 – Legal matters or banking matters creep up. Stay calm and listen to your intuition. No need to get into disputes. You know how to neutralize a situation.

PY7– Romantic matters dominate this week. You are on the right path. The stability that you desire is taking shape. Employment matters are working out for your higher interest.

PY8 – Take care of your health. Seek alternative methods if necessary. Romantic situations are lukewarm. New love interests make themselves known.

PY9 –  Good tidings about a child birth  or pregnancy arrives. Information about a great job/project comes your way. Working closely with other people will prove to be fruitful. An opportunity to date opens up.

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