February 16, 2015

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PY1– Information that you were unaware of will be revealed to you. This will relieve some of the worry and bring joy to you. Money matters continue to improve. There is a least one ethical person in your corner that you can count on to do right by you.

PY2 – Home comes into focus. Renovations and repairs can proceed and finish up now. If you are waiting for a loan or monies to assist in some way with your home you will receive good news. It’s time you do more socializing and networking. Your energy level increases.

PY3 – Relationships are in a good state now. There is a nice dynamic taking place. Profits from contracts come through. Personal and financial struggles are starting to abate.

PY4 – Movement in terms of housing and jobs take place. Overall, the pace of your life is picking up. New opportunities in Love come out of the blue. If you are lonely, you have a chance to meet someone special.

PY5 – You feel more grounded and accomplished. Career matters are panning out. You’ve learned a lot over the past month. Support comes from an unexpected place.

PY6– You get lucky and avoid mishaps. You have a tendency to be forgetful during this Mercury Shadow phase. Institutions and businesses play a big role this week. You will have to take them to task.

PY7 – Painful matters are on the mend. You are getting your stride back. A chance to make extra money comes at the right time. You will have to adopt a more “easy going” attitude to deal with the energy of this personal year 7.

PY8 -Women play a big role in your life. Young and old. You get to celebrate with them as either you or someone else has accomplished a major fete or on the path to healing. Enjoy!

PY9 –  This might have been a difficult Mercury Retrograde period for you. Which you are probably still reeling from.  You are pretty much out of the woods. Especially when it comes to being able to catch up on your finances. If you feel you have lost out, something much better suited for you is on the way. 2015 has wonderful surprises ahead.



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