February 9, 2015

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Mercury Goes Direct On February 11th, 2015.

PYN1 – You are steadily improving your finances. A better way to build your reserve is taking shape. For those that are self-employed, a new stream of income will reveal itself. You are feeling nostalgic. Old memories about your childhood and past loves resurface.

PYN2 – You are resisting inevitable change. It’s time to let go and try something different even if that means letting go of a close but unfulfilling relationship.

PYN3 – Tempers are running high especially among the women in your circle. It could be a generational issue. Once Mercury goes direct on Wednesday things will go back to normal.

PYN4 – It may be up to you to take the lead on a project. You are suited for the job. You may run into  creative issues or have to deal with the tempers of others. Your hard work and organizational skills will pay off. 

PYN5 – You are a tad obsessive. There is nervousness and a lack of faith on your part. Pull back and allow things to fall into place naturally. Trust your intuition which is the whisper you hear or the subtle nudge.

PYN6 – The final few days of Mercury Retrograde leaves you feeling tense and aggressive. Those feelings will subside starting Thursday so you can feel normal again. The rest of the week will be quiet and allow you time to play catch up.

PYN7– This will be a mentally intense few days. You will be challenged verbally by those with not-so-good intentions. Luckily, you will call them out on their nonsense.  Interesting activities take place on the work front. This will help you calm down.

PYN8 – Romantic and close relationships get put to the test. They will weather the storm but you will learn more about effective communication and how important it is to keep emotions in check. A new opportunity to make money opens up.

PYN9-News and information about relationships, marriage and babies come your way. A financial opportunity falls through but another one will open up soon.



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