February 2015

Good Afternoon, Tina.

I would like to share two distinct snap shots of dreams I’ve had recently.

Usually, I forget my dreams but there are set visuals that still weigh on my mind.


I had a a goldfish in a tank that I was carrying around. The fish was small and gray and only stayed in the middle of the bowl. Suddenly there were small specs in the bowl. Initially, I didn’t think anything of it. Then these specs keep growing. I headed toward the kitchen, but it felt like I was going in slow motion. The spec grew into parasites and they latched onto the fish in every direction. The fish was still just sitting there barely alive as the parasites keep growing. I keep trying to replay the dream so that I save the fish (get the parasites off with clamps) but the last image I have of this dream is of the fish staying still while the parasites feed on it. I just froze with the clamps in hand.

Two Nights Ago,

Surprisingly, I was the vampire Bella from Twilight. This is so odd because I have not watched this movie in a while. Somehow I fell to my death in an icy tundra. A male vampire saved me. I got up disoriented and the only thing I can say is, “The afterlife was so peaceful.” The image that keep replaying in mind of myself as this character waking up looking around toward the ice environment with spots of green trees within it. Even the guy who saved me did not have a clear face. I just remember a dark silhouette of him and his energy. What’s so funny, I looked up the actress play’s Bella and we share the same sun sign.

How would you interpret this dream experiences?

Also have your seen the movie Inception? Would do you think of it?

Thank you again for your advice.


Tina’s Response:

Regarding the first dream. Are you lamenting a guy/lost love? Or are you having relationship issues???

The bottomline is that you may have to walk away from a situation that is slowing “killing” you. To reference the dream, the fish represents you or your immune system or your overall wellbeing. And “parasites” i.e a person or situation is slowly draining you. Sidenote: fish = emotions. Your emtions are under attack.

The second dream is about love and romance. Perhaps you dont have the romantic relationship you desire and feel dead inside and you are waiting for a man to come rescue  you or resuscitate you.

This is a good time to reaccess your view on relationships. Are they based on a Hollywood notion or are they based on reality?



Hello Tina!

Last night I had an unusual dream.
I was grocery shopping with a coworker that I am not too fond of. The overall feeling of the dream was that he was paying for them because I didn’t have the money and he was wealthy. In the end we got into his vehicle, an suv and we went over how much I would be owing him later which totaled around $800 or so. I felt completely overwhelmed by the amount I owed and was extremely embarrassed.

Any idea as to what this could mean?

Thank you!


Tina’s Interpretation:

Have you been looking for a new job because there may be a possible job change or promotion ahead for you.

That dream indicates insecurity. Are you feeling insecure at your job or in your personal life?

B’s Response:

I’m not looking for a new job, however I am in the running for a promotion at work. I may be taking over a director position but that was said to not happen until next year. I feel insecure in both areas actually. I feel as though I am not making as much money as I should for the amount of work that the company wants me to provide. In regards to my personal life, I really don’t feel as if I have one. I am not happy with myself physically and therefore feel insecure about meeting someone who will actually like me the way I look now.


So that dream is speaking to your job and you feeling short changed.

That dream also speaks to your personal insecurity and the co-worker is a physical representation of your unhappiness.

Both the job and the personal appearance seem to have control over you. Notice in the dream you were grocery shopping. That indicates sustenance – life. Which you feel deprived of. In someway you have to yield to both,  one by giving money you really don’t think you should owe (the dream) and the other giving up your social life because are not happy with yourself.

So yes that’s the meaning of your dream.


Hi Tina

I dream that I heard a man voice telling me that he’s going to give me something that’s l don’t have to worry anymore and I can fly away,I looked to my right and seen bird wings on my back I was saying I don’t want to fly now what that mean.I dream every day and I write them down but that one dream I worry about every day.
               Thank you for listening


Tina’s Response:

It means that you are sabotaging your own success because you worry alot and are afraid.

You should go for what you want. JUST DO IT! !! And things will work out. They always do.

Fear only holds you back. Have faith and live life.


Hi Tina,

I had a dream about a dead acquaintance. I was with my family seeing the house he once lived in when I saw him looking and smiling at me from above. There was white light surrounding him. I wondered why he looked at me only because I had no personal connection with him when he was alive. Nobody in my family could see him except me.


Tina’s Response:

Yes his spirit did connect with you in the dream. That was his way of saying that despite the obstacle he will assist you in following through with his work.

Was he involved in any legal issues b4 he died. Did he suffer an injustice? Because a wrong maybe righted in some way after his death.

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