Tarot Classes

Private Tarot Classes offered by Tina. You set the day and time.
4 Week Course. We meet once a week via Skype or Plumble.
$20 Per Class

FIRST WEEK: – 1 hour
Intro to Tarot.
Major Arcana overview
Minor Arcana overview
How You Can Use Tarot
Ways To get closer to the cards
Card Reversals

SECOND WEEK: 1.5 hours
Difference between the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana.
We will examine closely the Major Arcana and each of their meanings and how they differs from the minor arcana.

THIRD WEEK:  1. 5 hours
The Court Cards (Minor Arcana). We will review and identify the meanings of all 56 cards.
Tarot spreads
Handling your deck
Setting up reading space
Patterns within a spread
To schedule a class or ask a question email: Tarotscopebytina@gmail.com

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