Dream Interpretations January 2015

Below are Excerpts of Dream Submissions and my responses. If you would like to submit a dream for interpretation, email: Tarotscopebytina@gmail.com.

L’s Dream:

Last night I dreamed of dogs.  I was walking in my friends neighborhood. I’m in California .  Always wanted to live there.    I was approached by a big white sheep dog.  He was friendly.  I tried to bring him to his owner but he led me to an area where he said he like to be,  it was a patch of dirt and a little black dog was his friend . They both hanged out there.  Woke up.
Second episode.  I was back in New York .  My old neighborhood.  Walking at night.  A brown cocker spaniel was underfoot.  His tooth got stuck in my ring.  Had a hard time releasing him.   When I did two keys were in my hand.   Woke up.   Third episode.  I was visiting a family that I don’t know.  They were having some sort of domestic issues.  Mild issues.   I Really do not know the problem.   I told them I’m  leaving.   I packed my bags.  Their black and white dog came to me.  Very happy.  I asked the man can I take the dog.  He approved.   I put the dog in my bag and we left.  The dog and I were happy. Woke up.

Tina’s Interpretation:

It’s a positive dream. It looks like you are embarking on a new phase in your life or attempting something new and you are apprehensive about it.

If you are starting a new job or pursing a new relationship the dream is saying it will all work out.

Don’t be afraid to take risks and live out of your comfort zone. If you do you will be rewarded greatly.

The dogs represent support, both spiritual and family and friends. No matter where you go the support system will be there even ppl you don’t know can act as temporary guardian angels.

The Key symbolizes that you have what you need to venture forward. In other words, you have the keys to success.


 S’ Dream:

Hi Tina…..Last night I dreamt I was home (but not mine) and suddenly there was a water spill, clear water, which was all over the floor and I tried to sweep it towards the drain.
Tina’s Interpretation:
Water represents emotions. So it seems you are  emotional about family, loved ones, a special someone or you don’t feel secure where you currently live and you are not dealing with what’s bothering you head on. Hence,  sweeping the water towards the drains.
You need to relax. Stay calm. And see things from different perspectives. Don’t get locked into tunnel vision.

You have to face your issues in order to resolve the.


K.T’s Dream:

Hi Tina.  Love your predictions.

Had a dream that i have a faucet come out of the end of my tailbone, like where an animal tail would be.  Like it was to drain fluid out of my spine. 
Is this good or bad?
Thank you.
Tina’s Interpretation:

Not sure if you read tarot but i got 2 of wands and 3 of wands which means no he will not come back. He has set his sights far and wide and has no intention on looking back. He wants to do as much “exploring” as he can do.

The cards say you need to set your sights elsewhere too. It seems as though your subconscious mind is trying to do that. You are actually on a healing path and will be able to distance yourself more and more from this person, emotionally.

A new gentleman should appear soon who may interest you. If you 2 decide to become a couple it could work.



K.T Dream:

Love your interpretation. Would never have thought about that! 

I am missing someone very much but he has other girl friends. Would he ever dump the others and return to me?

R.N’s Dream:

In my dream: I was asleep standing up, with my right arm flushed against a wall. My hands were behind my back with palms facing up. This guy I met through an online dating internet site was behind me with his hands palms down on top of my hands (palms up). 

I believe he was asleep as well, I don’t recall. We weren’t in bed together, I got the impression that we weren’t even in the same room; however, our hands remained connected palm-to-palm. I could feel this guy constantly fidgeting and moving around. I remember saying to myself, while still asleep, “I wish he would be still and go to sleep.” He continued to fidget and move around, and then he started to move his hands very vigorously in an upward motion on top on my hands.  I said to myself, “What is he doing?” This guy really started to annoy me, so I woke up.

Tina’s Interpretation:

Very interesting.

There will be a shift in either your residence or job this year. Are you planning to work for yourself because if you are you would be successful at it.

Perhaps you are also experiencing some issues at work or concerned about keeping your job. As I said there will be a shift in your work but a good one in the long run.

Perhaps the guy in your dream represents a force in your life that is annoying or irritating you and in a way the dream is telling you that you have the power to change it.


R.N’s Dream:

Wow, this is pretty much on point! Yes, I am thinking about working for myself. Also, I did have issues with people at my former place of employment, who were exceedingly irritating and annoying. Thanks, this is very helpful!


T.B’s Dream:

I had a dream last night about being at a house with a few other people and my mother was there saying she would allow me to live there at the house if I wanted to..  (My mother passed in 2008) and I said that was nice I appreciate it, but I insisted on paying her rent.  We negotiated.  I offered $400 per month and she wouldn’t take more than $250 per month.  There was some other people there, but not much activity that stood out to me.  It was basically my mother offering me a place to live and the negotiation of the money which turned out to be a lot less than I thought she would take.

Tina’s Interpretation:

Ok. It sounds like the dream is saying that the hard times are over for you. Its time for you to come out of seclusion and start living a new phase of your life.

It’s not as scary as you think. Make sure to keep your perspective positive and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Also, your mom is telling you that she is guiding you and helping you spiritually.


T.B’s Dream:

Oh wow….excellent.  Nice message. I felt it was something good.  I didn’t feel any anxiety when I woke up.  I felt like ‘everything is going to be all right’ type of feeling, you know?  which actually points to the reading you did for me about 2015 being a much better year for me too.  wow.  Thanks a bunch, Tina.  I wish you all the best this year! 

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