January 26, 2015

Mercury Is In Retrograde Until February 11, 2015. Hold On To Your Seats!

PY1 – Stay strong during this Mercury Retrograde. Electronics malfunction and bizarre mishaps take place.  Some people or problems from the past arise again. You will be able to squash any issues fairly quickly. This is a good week to work from home or take part in indoor activities. Upbeat news comes your way. Money flow is good.

PY2/PY11 – Mercury Retro has you feeling anxious. Try not to let the little things upset you. Plans fall through but this gives you time to regroup. Relationships with close friends may become strained. Make it a point to have fun this week despite it all. Don’t overspend.

PY3 – Your creativity is in overdrive. You have a lot of great ideas and this is a good week to work on them. There is someone in your circle that can help realize this latest venture. Feminine energy is strong in your spread. Seek advice from older women.  You win arguments at work. Money seems to flow out of your hands to quickly.

PY4/PY22 – You will not have to force anything to make it work. Elements will flow to you with ease. You celebrate an important event with close friends and family. Traveling is the word this week. You will be busy running errands and getting your life in order. Money is strong for you.

PY5 – Close relationships take a hit. Some could end. Blame it on the Mercury Retrograde. Whatever happens this week can be rectified after the Retrograde is over. New loves and romance are sparked towards the weekend. Take everything is stride. This is the beginning of a crazy but exciting year. Hold on to your cash.

PY6 – The Mercury Retrograde will present challenges at work and with electronics at least for the first half of the week. By Thursday, life starts to settle down and some things you thought would end up in disaster will actually work out nicely. Your financial house looks strong for this period. 

PY7 – Hold off on proceeding with plans related to real estate or finances. If there is an older woman in your care, get a second and even third opinion. Do not act hastily when it comes to her health. This week moves slowly and that will be frustrating. This Mercury Retro is tougher than was originally expected. However, your finance look optimistic.

PY8 – You fare well despite the Mercury Retrograde. Romantic relationships and Business contracts are favored. You will be able to finalize major plans when it comes to wedding engagements, babies, property and freelance jobs. Your Money forecast looks great.

PY9 – This Mercury Retrograde can do a number on you psychologically. You will have to remain strong and not allow nervous energy to distract you. News you have been waiting for regarding money or something in probate comes through. A new friend will help you see things in a different light. Stick to your budget.



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