December 23, 2014

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PY1 – There is concern on your part when it comes to a particular female in your life who may be suffering from illness. The prognosis may not be as bad as it seems. When it comes to personal advancements and projects that you have been working on, they are almost at completion. So you will be able to take a breather before the next assignment comes along. Money you have been expecting should be released within the next 2 weeks.

PY2 – Real estate and property comes into focus. You will get wonderful news concerning an apartment/house or investment. Also, an unexpected opportunity will open up and it will be something you can get excited about.

PY3 – Emotionally you are being pulled in several directions. The changes that are taking place are inevitable. Release control and accept things as they are, for now. Even through all of this, encouraging news about your finances will come at the end of the week that you were not aware of.

PY4 – Strained relationships get attention. They can be mended. Romantic relationships need nurturing. You seem to be doing well with getting your priorities straight and making a way for yourself. The hard work will pay off early next year.

PY5 – Frustration is setting in because a few things you had planned either fell through or someone messed up. Let them know how you feel. You should be able to proceed with plans at the end of the week. Job activity picks up. Companies show an interest in you.

PY6 – You are still in some sticky situations but they are quickly becoming resolved now. Some of the pressure you have felt over the year begins to abate. Your spiritual experiences will start to make sense. You will get an unexpected financial opportunity.

PY7 – Don’t allow others to have so much influence over your life. Take what they say with a grain of salt. You understand your experience better than others. The sacrifices you have made will pay off in the New Year! A few major changes will take place within the next 2 weeks and then you get a break.

PY8 – This will be a good week for you. Your creative juices are flowing and a new idea pops up. Take it and run with it. Take time to attend artistic and educational events. A chance encounter could lead to an unexpected date.

PY9 – Romantic partnerships are on a healing path. You are in good standing when it comes to judicial matters. For those waiting on legal or government decisions the news will come later this week or next. Problems or conflicts are easily resolved. Finances see a much needed boost.

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