December 15, 2014

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PY1 – You may feel like walking away from it all. Leaving it all behind. But your sense of responsibility and love won’t let you go to far. Take a much needed break to help clear your head. Answers and solutions will come once you are able to relax. Finances may be tight this week.

PY2 – You are now in the calm after the storm. Things begin to settle down and return to normal after some strife. Put the emotions aside and get back to working on what’s important. Money may be an issue but you will be able to meet your needs.

PY3 – Business and career matters become finalized. One path has been shutdown but another will open up. Relationships have to be re-examined. A small amount of unexpected money is on the way

PY4 – Emotions are running high because of confusion. You have more control than you think you do. The information you need will appear. Open your heart to what older/wiser people have to say. The more love and gratitude you show the more that will be bestowed to you.

PY5 – Old problems re-appear. Residential and Banking issues pose somewhat of an irritation. However, not for long. Someone will show up to help you take care of matters. Your personal income gets a slight increase.

PY6 – A payout from an institution is likely. A new business opportunity presents itself. Keep an open mind about it all and weigh both the pros and cons. You can relax this week.

PY7 – Your emotional desire to get what you want blinds you to everything that you already have. You could lose it all to gain one specific goal, be it a lover or a career promotion, no matter; it will come at a great cost. Keep your emotions in check. Again the year is almost over. Your rewards will come next year. Residential matters come into focus but can be resolved.

PY8- Worry is taking up to much of your time. You may not see all the advancements you have gained but they are taking place. Disagreements blow over quickly and you end the week on a Sunny note. Stick to your budget!

PY9 – The good news is that this year is almost over and you will begin a brand new cycle in 2015! The other news is this week could be a little challenging mostly because of your mental approach to things. It’s a time to remain strong and yes be aggressive when you have to be. You are already on the healing path. Money matters slowly improve.

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