December 8, 2014

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PY1 – It looks like you have graduated spiritually. The work you have done on your inner-self is apparent to others and hopefully to you as well. You will be able to make some changes to your living space and to your work space/place. Your bank account is looking much better now.

PY2/ PY11 – Healing is the key word this week. Especially when it comes to romantic relationships and friendships. It’s time you review your thinking on a few matters because you are not seeing the full spectrum which can help you better deal with the situation.

PY3 – There isn’t much you have to do now in order to make things happen. They are starting to happen automatically. So relax. Health issues improve for you and for people around you. One particular person will stand out to you as a shining Star.

PY4/PY22 – This will be one of the best weeks you have had in a very long time. An uplifting experience or news will bring you some joy. Financial dilemma’s are on their way to being fully resolved. The answers and solutions are coming.

PY5 – Romantic relationships demand attention. You have what you need to make sound decisions. Don’t sweat the small stuff. You are doing well and the evidence is in your work. You are on top of your game enjoy the ride.

PY6 – Situations from the past may rise again. But you are better equipped to handle them or you can just ignore them. You will feel like you are suspended in time but by the end of the week you will see how time has actually worked in your favor.

PY7 – You will have to part with some things. However, ultimately you will be pleased that you did. Spiritual lessons are still to be had until the end of the month. Take the teachings and use them to your benefit. You will be rewarded well next year.

PY8 – Soulmate, twin flame experiences come into play. If you haven’t had the experience yet you will very soon. At some point, ALL people go through this. This will be an intense but profitable time. Materialization and money are working well for you.

PY9 – A good week lies ahead for you as well. Out with the old and in with the new. A new revenue stream is about to burst open. The end of a long struggle is on the horizon. You will get some good news this week that will make up for the many struggles you have had this year. Get ready to start a new cycle next year.

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