December 1, 2014

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***This will be your number for the rest of THIS year (2014)! Next Year(2015) it will change. For example. If you are a 1 this year, next year you will be a 2 and in 2016 you will be a 3. etc etc.


Personal Month 4 – Good for organization, making plans, following through on plans. Busy month, money flow will be so/so. Little emphasis on love and relationships.

Amends will be made and strained relationships will be put back together. Help plan or throw your own holiday party. It will be good for your morale. Important matters will be put on hold. Movement will take place at the end of the week. Your health and well being should be the focus now.


Personal Month 5 – Major changes to come, Freedom, New people coming into life. Money flow will be OK.

You start the month with a focus on romantic partnerships that may or may not be going your way. If they are not, then there will be a push to make things stable again. The cosmos will be working overtime to help you with this matter. Business may also be strained. Give everything time to come back into balance. Expect many changes to your life this month.


Personal Month 6 – Stability, relationships, financial advancement, organization, truth telling.

Personal relationships are most important to you at this time. There may be a separation of sorts taking place and this will be for the better. On the same note, there will be a chance to rekindle at some point or someone totally brand new will enter into your life. This will be your lucky week.


Personal Month 7 – Spiritual tests and awakenings, tough lessons to learn, secrets will be revealed, information will be exposed. Money flow will be slow.

Lots of mind games and manipulation going on. If it is you doing this, Stop It. Information about a lover or potential lover will be unearthed. Light will be shed on a matter that has been kept in the dark for a long time. This is something that has to happen. The timing is right. Next month you can start fresh. Tend to any health issues you are experiencing.


Personal Month 8 – Good month to make money, start a new venture, make progress at work.

You were right and that will be proven. Justice is on your side. Corporations and institutions play a big role in your healing process and starting over fresh. New energy comes your way in the form of love and respect. People will be kinder than usual.


Personal Month 9 – Endings, completion, humanitarian causes come into play, attraction of money and new ways of making money. Emotions run high. Let it all go.

Self-sufficiency and independence are at the top of the bucket list. Your ship has come in and your financial life is improving. This makes you less stressed and happier. Since the money front is looking better this makes room for romance and partnerships. If you are single this month is an especially good time to find that special someone. The only thing you have to do is be open to the new adventure.


Personal Month 1 – Fast pace month, good money flow, meeting new people, trying new things. Get to begin again. A new lease on life.

The Universe is bringing you an excellent new opportunity to do something totally different and to learn something new. You will be bright eyed and busy tailed and feeling great. Take advantage of all the good things happening to you and all the support you are/will get. Don’t be to proud to ask for help. This will be a nice ending to a challenging year.


Personal Month 2 – Slow money flow, focus on partnerships, meeting new people, planning for the New Year.

Stay positive. Don’t get stuck on superficial matters. Material success will be had this month and you will start to see it this week. So whatever you have been toiling hard over will actually happen soon. Your work is not in vain. Change of residence is on the horizon. Watch your spending this week.


Personal Month 3 – Better money flow, socializing, new friends, networking, new ideas, creativity increases, materialization.

Emotions are running high. Endings and completion are the major themes for this week. You may not see the progress taking place but your gut is alerting you that it is indeed happening. New friends will be made and encouraging news will arrive mid-week.

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