November 24, 2014

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***This will be your number for the rest of THIS year (2014)! Next Year(2015) it will change. For example. If you are a 1 this year, next year you will be a 2 and in 2016 you will be a 3. etc etc.

PY1 – There will be a nice even flow of give and take. You feel appreciated for what you do. Money problems show improvement. This relieves stress and worry. People come to your aid when you need it. Take time for yourself at some point. Stay focused on the positive. You are doing much better than a lot of people. If you think this way it will curb the emotional lows you experience by the weekend.

PY2 – You are feeling stronger and structured. Your inner light is shining because you see more good things happening for you. Financial matters are turning out better than you expected. You had premonitions about some of the positive things that are happening. Bonds with friends and family are emphasized, as well as, romantic partnerships.

PY3 – If progress has been at a standstill with corporations or institutions, the process will start to move quickly now. The final outcome will be in your favor. More stability is manifesting in your life so it’s time to celebrate the milestone you have achieved. You have a lot of work ahead of you but you are ready for the challenge. All will turn out fine. Your last week in November will be a good one.

PY4 – There may be trouble on the relationship front. Make a decision instead of allowing it to worry you sick. History is important in this particular case so don’t ignore it. Changes have already taken place in your life, give yourself time to get accustomed to the new way. It’s OK to relinquish control sometimes and let life lead you.

PY5 – This is not the week to make any sudden moves. Practicing patience will allow you to see how great the Universe works for all of us. Relax when it comes to matters of the heart. When the time is right, things will fall into place automatically without you lifting a finger.

PY6 – The inspiration you have been seeking or that major push is almost here. This week will bring about a revelation that will provide the justice you wanted. The pace of the week will be fast and provide a small gift that will get your December started off just right.

PY7 – You are constantly analyzing and re-analyzing especially when it comes to finances. The cosmos will send you great news about business but you will have to take the bull by the horns and make it happen. There is no time to be shy or introverted. Keep ideas to yourself. What you learn this week will have a powerful spiritual effect on you.

PY8– You are highly favored by the Stars and it will show in the form of new and profound business connections. Job-hunters will get positive feedback. A higher salary could be on the table for those already employed. This week is a game changer for you.

PY9 – This will be a highly charged week. Emotions run high. Dealings with businesses go well. New opportunities come your way from well established institutions. Romantic matters also occupy much of your time. Stay positive and look for the good in all situations. When in doubt, the objective is to have fun. Old chronic problems take a back seat to newness entering your life. An end will come to an issue that has been plaguing you. Financial matters continue to improve.

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