November 10, 2014

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***This will be your number for the rest of THIS year (2014)! Next Year(2015) it will change. For example. If you are a 1 this year, next year you will be a 2 and in 2016 you will be a 3. etc etc.

PY1– Although, Mercury is now at Full Speed you will find that things are at a standstill. You have lots of work to do but nothing seems to really get done. People tend to judge you and that will irk your nerves. It’s best that you remain mostly to yourself for the majority of the week until this slow period passes. Legal matters are postponed. So if you are waiting for a decision or a payout it most likely will come later in the month. Overall, money matters look promising.

PY2 – Agreements and contracts are at the forefront, as well as, romantic relationships. Negotiations go well and making contacts with the right people help increase your profile. Stay focused and don’t let past disappointments cloud your decision making. Emotions do run high when certain people don’t follow through. That will not halt you from moving forward with plans and opportunities that have already been set in motion and will happen no matter what. Money comes in slow but you will be able to make up for this next month.

PY3 – Financial and job matters are close to being resolved but you are worried because you don’t see an end to it. There will be a resolution in your favor. You will be pleased with the outcome. Don’t allow people to push your buttons. Tackle your “To Do” list one by one.

PY4 – You have to invent creative and effective ways to deal with romantic relationships, physical attractions and people that are close to you. There is still a lot of mis-communication. Make sure to state your purpose clearly and concisely. Much of your life feels like it is in complete suspension. That is the slowness of the month of November which is a 2 month. That will change in December. Any arguments or disagreements you have had will be smoothed over and amends will be made. Relax when it comes to financial matters. You will be able to balance things out later.

PY5 – You seem to be on the fence about a particular person, most likely a middle-aged gentleman. There are aspects to this person or situation that you are not fully seeing. Step back and take an objective look. Ask for help in assessing the situation from those close to you. Nevertheless, the matter is much better than you think it is. There will be a coming together of sorts once the dust clears. Parents or grandparents play a big role this week. Positive developments concerning residence and finances come into play at the end of the week.

PY6 – An intense week is ahead for you. You will have to make a break from whatever is holding back your progress. You will have to be apathetic to what people think of you. On the same token, you will have to judge others less. Job related matters get addressed. Make socializing and joy a priority for the weekend. Money looks stable.

PY7– You will have your time to shine but it will take a little longer for that time to come. Next year will be GREAT as it will be a PY8 for you. However, you might have already be given a glimpse of what’s to come. Don’t allow people to manipulate you or guilt you in anyway. There is always an answer or a way out of something unpleasant. Job/career circumstances are almost at their completion. Change is coming. Money that you have been expecting will come soon.

PY8– You are on the mend. Broken hearts are almost whole again. The money you need will appear. You are on the correct career path and a better understanding of your purpose and how to get from point A to B will be had. Romance is on the agenda. Slowly but surely you are making headway when it comes to attracting or maintaining that special someone despite any pitfalls.

PY9 – Major changes, unexpected twists and turns and the pressure you have been under is cosmic in nature. It’s a push to bring your old life to a close in order for a new cycle to begin next year. The positive element is that you have learned a tremendous amount and you feel wiser and more mature for it. You have survived a 9 personal year, you can survive anything. The reward will be much better finances than you started November with. Mercury being at full speed helps with finances. Your insight and intelligence help boost your career. People have noticed you and want to work with you.

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