November 3, 2014

The Formula is: Birth Month + Birth Day + Current Year= Personal Year Number.

*if you get a double digit for Personal Year Number Reduce it until you get a SINGLE DIGIT as shown in the example above!

Example: Birthday: November 13 = (11+13+7=31=4) Personal Year number is 4.

So that’s Birthday Month (11)+Day (13) + 7 (2014) = 31 = 4.

***This will be your number for the rest of THIS year (2014)! Next Year(2015) it will change. For example. If you are a 1 this year, next year you will be a 2 and in 2016 you will be a 3. etc etc.


Personal Month 3 – A time for socializing, networking, meeting new people, getting new projects off the ground and staying busy.

You are concerned about a number of things and worried about how to make them work to your advantage. Somethings must come to an end in order for the stability you seek to happen. You will see parts of your life begin to come to a close to your relief. It’s been a struggle for a long time but that struggle is about to give way to joyful times. Money issues will begin to balance out and you will be able to get back on your feet.


Personal Month 4 – Get organized, prepare for new things to come in 2015. Sharpen mental skills.

Enjoyment should be at the top of your bucket list for the week. Gathering with friends and family is therapeutic. Your plans are unfolding nicely, this gives way to new romance. There will be a focus on relationships. This is a good week to meet a new romantic interest or go out on a date. If you are attached, do something romantic don’t wait for Valentine’s Day. Finances look good. New contracts could be on the way. Be careful of incurring any fines. If you do pay them ASAP!


Personal Month 5 – Inevitable change, attraction of money. New opportunities and change in career path.

It’s okay to try new things. Be open to new ideas without shooting them down first. You could learn something valuable. Depression may set in because you are lost as to which way to go or what your next move will be. Inspiration will come from unexpected places/people. By the end of the week, you will have a better handle on life and will be more at peace. Money matters are more manageable.


Personal Month 6 – Business partnerships, Financial stability, Organization, Family.

Sometimes what we ask for we don’t receive because we have protection from the cosmos to look out for out best interest. This is the case with you. So, instead of lamenting what didn’t work out look for what did. You will get a chance to make another dream happen. A new path will open up for you to be professionally independent and successful. Jump at the offer it will be good for you. Your money earning potential will increase helping you to become freer!


Personal Month 7 – Spiritual awakening, slow money flow at top of month, learning curve.

You must put a stop to your self-imposed mental torture. It will lead to a very negative place. You are not seeing the positive changes taking place because your perspective is so negative at the moment. No need to be contentious with others. Find your balance and you will find your solace. This year is almost over so be thankful for that. 2015 will be a much calmer year for you. Your feet will be firmly planted on the ground. Be mindful of your budget do not overspend.


Personal Month 8Money manifestation. Career progression, Attention to home and Interior design.

You are at the top of your dating and relationships game. You have entered a magical period where you will be showered with lots of attention. Return the interest. If you are single, this is a good week to date and meet new potential partners. Personal items you have been waiting for will be delayed. Money is also good this week and throughout the month.


Personal Month 9Endings, completion, attracting new money, preparation for a new life cycle in 2015.

You receive the love and recognition you deserve from friends and family to help you through difficult times. Co-workers have your back and will give you a heads up when necessary. Your struggles may intensify this week but then will ease early next week. A chance to do something new and fresh arrives. Adding excitement to your life. Money seems to vanish into thin air but also appears just as quickly.


Personal Month 1Attracting new money, Starting over, Busy schedule, High pressure month, Emotional.

You have learned a lot this year. Now it’s time to assimilate and integrate that information into your thought process and lifestyle. You have changed and need to own that and be proud of it. Stagnation means zero growth. Emotionally, it’s time to move on and stop allowing incidents from the past affect your present state. The feeling of being overwhelmed is natural in a 1 Personal month. Many new things are coming at you much of it is centered around organizing your career and life. Finances are stable.


Personal Month 2Slow money flow, emphasis on finances and stability. Career advancement is happening behind the scenes.

You are uneasy about the uncertainty in your life now. Emotions are running high when it comes to personal finances. You will be able to to make ends meet. The help you need is coming. However, the timing may not be to your liking or the dollar amount. Understand that your Luck will change so don’t allow worry to consume you. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help when you need it. Nevertheless, your financial situation will change for the better.

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