October 27, 2014

The Formula is: Birth Month + Birth Day + Current Year= Personal Year Number.

Example: Birthday: November 13 = (11+13+7=31=4) Personal Year number is 4.

So that’s Birthday Month (11) +Day (13) + 7 (2014) = 31 = 4.

*if you get a double digit for Personal Year Number Reduce it until you get a SINGLE DIGIT as shown in the example above!

***This will be your number for the rest of THIS year (2014)! Next Year(2015) it will change. For example. If  you are a 1 this year, next year you will be a 2 and in 2016 you will be a 3. etc etc.


PY1– Encouraging information will come regarding your career or the ability to earn more money. Contracts and agreements can be signed/made starting this week. It’s ok to take risks. Take a chance on love when it presents itself. Pay attention to your dreams as they will foretell disagreements you will have with others. Money is stable.

PY2 – Older women in your life are hyper-emoitonal. However, you can assure them that all will be well especially when it comes to real estate and finances. Relax and don’t exert yourself. This is a learning and planning week not a week to take much action. Have fun and gladly anticipate what life has to offer. You will see the pace of things pick up.

PY3 – You feel in reach of your goals but something keeps blocking you. Those blocks will soon be removed. Be careful not to blow up at people as it will get you no where. If you are suffering from an illness follow your instincts on how to heal yourself. Not being as social as you would like has left you upset but it will pick up. Just give it more time. You may still feel some of the effects of Mercury Retrograde although the planet has gone direct. Don’t push this week allow things to flow and you will feel a lot better.

PY4 – Nothing lasts forever. Look on the bright side and count what you do have and not focus on what you don’t have. Major change has or will take place. You will be excited about the new things that come in. Stick to your ethics and beliefs. An unexpected surprise will arrive soon.

PY5 – If you are searching for love, you will first have to let old loves go and start fresh. You are at a crossroads when it comes to partnerships and life in general. It’s time to project what you want into the atmosphere and have faith the Universe will send you the right one in due time. This will free you up to pursue other ventures that you do have control over. Follow you first mind when it’s time to make decisions. Act out of love and not fear.

PY6 – If you have had a nasty argument with someone it will blow over. Control your extreme emotions otherwise it will get you into trouble. You are feeling restless and want everything to happen immediately. You will have to relax and give things more time to play out. A romantic attraction will keep your mind occupied. This has strong potential. However, don’t rush the situation.

PY7 – Fear and worry give way to optimism when you change your thinking and see things in a different light. Assistance from institutions or corporations comes your way. Financial hardships will be eased. You will feel more stable. Elders have a lot of wisdom you could use, ask questions and get advice from them. You have what it takes to be a boss.

PY8 – This will be a great week for you overall. Financially it will be strong. You feel like you are on your way and things are unfolding nicely. You see the changes and it excites you. Any money that was in limbo will be released. Decisions you have been waiting on will arrive. Enjoy this magical week.

PY9 – Mercury in shadow phase will slow the pace of this week down and that will leave you low on energy. An avenue that had opened up may close are change direction. You are on the brink of major change it is just taking awhile to actually happen. There are still spiritual lessons you must learn before starting your new cycle which begins next year. Internal frustrations and conflicts leave you frustrated. Do your best to go with the flow of the week and not worry. You are almost out of the woods.

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