September 22, 2014

I am switching from an Astrology based forecast system to a combination of numerology and Tarot cards to forecast weekly Tarotscopes. I feel, this new system is more personalized than the generic Zodiac Sign forecasts.

I am using “The Personal Year Number” method which is helpful in evaluating the trend of the coming calendar year. For a clue as to what lies ahead in the coming year (or months/weeks):

Calculate your personal year using this formula:

First, reduce the month and day of your birth, your birthday, to a single digit. For example, February 8th, that single digit would be 1 (2+8=10; 1+0=1). If your month and day total comes to 11 or 22, the master numbers, in this instance, reduce the number to 2 and 4, respectively.

Next, reduce the year for which you are making the calculation to a single digit. The year 2014 (2+0+1+4) would become 7.

Now, add the single digit representing your birthday to the single digit representing the year in question. (1 + 7 = 8) Thus, 2014 is a 8 personal year for you.

PY1 – Matters of the heart occupy much of your attention. Disagreements with significant others could escalate leaving both parties needing a timeout. Trying to get to know a potential partner gets off to a rocky start. Co-workers are more annoying than ever. We are in the shadow phase of Mercury Retrograde so attribute your angst to that. Money matters stabilize.

PY2– Career/Job prospects dominate this week. There is a push for job advancement or change. Luck is on your side. Follow your instincts when making decisions. Finances are looking up.

PY3– The outcome may not have been what you wanted but in the long run this is a blessing. Working partnerships are emphasized. People step in and help you get things done. You are not alone. By week’s end you will feel better and more optimistic. Pay close attention to your budget. You have a tendency to overspend.

PY4 – When one door closes another one opens. Remember than when circumstances take an unexpected turn. A new opportunity awaits you but you have to be ready for it. A job shift looks to be on the horizon. Money matters improve.

PY5– Life is still moving slower than usual but you are on the right path. You are feeling the shadow phase of Mercury Retrograde. There is improvement coming regarding your finances. Romance takes a back seat this week.

PY6 – You are that much closer to making drastic life changes. You will see signs of that soon. Job changes are coming, as well as, an opportunity to make more money. This will be a stellar week for you.

PY7 – Good news regarding real estate comes early. Money tidings leave you feeling less stressed! An opportunity to make extra money awaits you.

PY8– This year is finally taking off. You have been expecting a few things to be released to you and they are likely to come this week. You get confirmation regarding your life path. Go out and celebrate you deserve it.

PY9 – You do well when coming up against institutions and influential people. Listen to your premonitions not only will they guide you but they are letting you know that everything will turn out GREAT!!! Financial matters steadily improve. A small amount of unexpected money may come your way this week.

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